Melissa Colborne

Fresh off her win this past weekend at the CASA Cable Wake Tour Stop 2. Liquid Force and Roxy team rider Melissa Colborne is dominating on the ladies tour both at cable and boat events. She has 2 wakeboarding brothers, Jason and Chris, who have to spend many hours a week on the water just to keep up Melissa. Dirty Habits caught up with her for an interview.

VIDEO: Shot by Chris Rodger

Words: DH

Images: Bianca Asher Photography

Video: Chris Rodgers

Name: Melissa Colborne
Nationality: South Africa
Date of Birth: 25 June 1995
Home Town: Cape Town, Somerset West
Started riding: 14 years old
Sponsors: Roxy South Africa and Liquid Force South Africa
Board setup:  Liquid Force witness and Melissa bindings
Cable or boat: both but mainly cable
Top places to ride: Blue Rock cable, StokeCity Wakepark, CWC phillipines
Riding tips: shred hard but most importantly have fun!
Facebook: Melissa Colborne
Twitter: Melis_Colborne


2011: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
SA cable nationals- 1st Open ladies

2012: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
SA cable nationals- 1st Open ladies
SA boat nationals- 1st Open ladies

2013: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
cable pro tour stop 2- 1st open ladies
Boat pro tour stop 2- 1st open ladies

How did you get into wake boarding? My older brother, Jason, started riding a few years before me. I always used to go watch him at the cable until one day I decided to try it. After my first try, I was hooked.

Gnarliest injury? Towards the end of last year, I fell on a scarecrow off of the kicker and tore the ligaments in my knee. My leg got put into a full plaster cast and I was out for 4 months which sucked!

Favourite trick? Blind 360 off the kicker.

What’s it like being the girl wake board sister with 2 brothers wake boarding in the family? It’s awesome. I have fun going riding with them and we all push each other. My younger brother is still quite new to the sport but my older brother has been wakeboarding for longer than I have so he coaches me quite abit and encourages me a lot.

Who is your favourite rider and why? Nick Davies, he has his own unique style of riding and doing tricks.

If you weren’t a wakeboarder what would you be? Nothing comes to mind, I can’t imagine not being on the water.

What’s the one trick that gives you trouble and why? Definitely a railey. I’ve had a few concussions from this trick so I find it super scary.

Cable or behind the boat? Cable. I enjoy boat but don’t get the opportunity to ride much boat. I stay close to a cable so I ride way more cable than boat. I always have fun riding cable and love the obstacles.

Any weird phobias? Scared of the dark but not sure if that classifies as weird.

What are you most proud of in your wake boarding career so far? Becoming a Roxy teamrider and winning both boat and cable SA nationals last year.

What do you plan to do once you wrap up matric? I want to go travel and wakeboard around the world. I would also l like to compete in international events.


GoPro wakeboarding with Melissa Colborne. Melissa is the top female Cable rider in South Africa, watch her shred the local Cable park. This video was shot in one day at Blue Rock Cable park in Cape Town, South Africa.

100% shot on the GoPro Hero3+ Black edition.

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Thanks To:

World of Heroes (GoPro South Africa)

Sail Video Systems (Helmet Swivel mount)

BRLS Hawaii (Board mount)

Electric Joy Ride – “Origin”

Courtesy of NCS:…

Lagoon Beach Winch Session

The last of the summer days have produced some epic conditions these last few weeks. The Dirty Habits crew, including Sean Bacon, Craig Eygenberger and Graham Howes with Bianca Asher behind the lens, set up a winch session at the the Milnerton Lagoon.

With a crowd of spectators looking on these boys had a bit of fun.

The guys setting up.

The guys setting up.


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger

Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Sean Bacon

Sean Bacon


Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger




Craig Eygenberger & Sean Bacon

Craig Eygenberger & Sean Bacon


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


Graham Howes

Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


Alaia Surfing with Remi Petersen

Alaia Surfing – The art a surfing a handcrafted piece of tree with no finns, channels or rocker

1 year ago we met this crazy kid in J-Bay, running up and down the beach with a piece of wood under his arm, and blonde hair blowing in the wind. We filmed a quick session of Remi Petersen shredding his Alaia board. You people loved it, so Bianca Asher headed back to Jbay to get some more action with Remi. Not only does he kill on this finless board but he is one of the best backhand surfers at Supertubes. It is almost impossible to comprehend the difficulty of this type of surfing. most of you would spend a month on this board and still not even manage a bottom turn. Keep it up Rem Dog. Big things to come.

Tell us what you think of this surfing. Is it just for hippie kids… or is this the ultimate expression of freedom on a wave?

alaia surfing

Remi Peterson from Bianca Asher on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited: Bianca Asher Photography

Remi Petersen of Facebook: Remi Petersen

Alaia Religion:  Alaia Religion


SA Boat Champs Stop 3: Cape Town Results & Pics

The 2013 SA Wakeboaridng and wakeskate Champs Stop 3 went down this weekend at Rietvlei in Cape Town this weekend, the condition were super tough with gusts of over 35knots blasted riders side on and almost flattened the wake at times. Despite these gnarly conditions and surviving on the water everyone was throwing down hard. Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone involved. Sunburn, windburn and big smiles all around.

Pictures:  Bianca Asher Photography / Dirty Habits



Dirty Habits own, Graham Howes did a kite demo between runs.


Dirty Habits Kite Demo – Graham Howes








Craig Eygenberger



Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger


wakeboard mag

Shaun Faccio








Sean Bacon



SA Pro Wakeboard and Wakeskate Tour Stop 3 SA Champs Results ::

WAKESKATE Open Final: Saturday Final

Bryan Loggerenberg, Dale Nieuwstad, Matti Buys

1 Bryan Loggerenberg 2 Dale Nieuwstad 3 Matti Buys

1 Bryan Loggerenberg 65.2 67.1
2 Dale Nieuwstad 63.2 65.2
3 Mattie Buys 67 64.7
4 Darren Turner 62.5 58.9
5 Brandon Stuart 51.5 56.9
6 Sean Bacon 49.8 52.8
7 Chris Rodgers 60.5 49.9

Ladies Final: (Open ) Saturday Final

1 Melissa Colborne, 2 Candice Bacon, 3 Courtney Scholtz

1 Melissa Colborne, 2 Candice Bacon, 3 Courtney Scholtz

1 Melissa Colborne 60 75
2 Candice Bacon 56 50
3 Courtney Scholtz 32 35

Masters Final: ( 30 years and over )

Jono Joseph, Justin Selby, Darryn Ridgway

1 Jono Joseph, 2 Justin Selby, 3 Darryn Ridgway

1 Jono Joseph 71 75
2 Justin Selby 63 52
3 Darryn Ridgway 55 48


Pro Men Final: Saturday Final

Shaun Faccio

Shaun Faccio

1 Shaun Faccio 62 56
2 Dylan Mitchell 65 54
3 Ryan Durham 35 48
4 Craig Eygenberger 50 41
5 Andrew Bourne 38 30

Junior Men Final: (18 and under) Saturday Final

Dean Trollip, Marius Labuschagne, Travis Pienaar

1 Dean Trollip, 2 Marius Labuschagne, 3 Travis Pienaar

1 Dean Trollip LCQ’s 50
2 Marius Labuschagne 38 45
3 Travis Pienaar 32 44
4 Louis Schutte 35 30
5 Chris Colborne 29 29
6 Keenan Pilley LCQ’s 28

14:00 Open men Final: Saturday Final

Wian Marais, Shaun Meredith, Chris Rodgers

1 Wian Marais, 2 Shaun Meredith, 3 Chris Rodgers

1 Wian Marais 55 50
2 Shaun Meredith 45 38
3 Chris Rodgers 46 30

Boys Final: ( 9-14 ) Saturday Final

1 Jacques Labuschagne, 2 Keegan McDonough, 3 John McDonough.

1 Jacques Labuschagne, 2 Keegan McDonough, 3 John McDonough.

1 Jacques Labuschagne 16 20
2 Keegan McDonough 3 6
3 John McDonough 6 4
4 Daniel Human 2 3
5 Finn McDonough 5 2
Novice Final: Saturday Final
1 Glen Watling 13 14
2 Brandon Scheepers 15 12
3 Marc Avella 11 10
4 Adrian Geyer 16 9
5 Reinard Schuhknecht LCQ 8
6 Jamie Chemelli LCQ 6

11:00 Girls Final: ( 9-14 ) Saturday Final
1 Micaela Wiseman (8) 11 9
2 Kaylen Shelton 13 4
3 Coral Du Preez 8 3

11:30 WAKESKATE Novice Final: Saturday Final
1 Jacques Labuschagne 38 42.5
2 Austin Stuart 30 40
3 Shaun Meredith 25 27.5
4 Jono Joseph 24 25
5 Jess Nieuwstad 28 22.5



1. Boating International.
2. Malibu, 22MXZ.
3. Burn Industries.
4. Monster Energy.
5. CWB Board Co.
6. Billabong.
7. Sport Unlimited.
8. Liquid Adrenaline Magazine.
9. Leisure Boating Magazine.
10. Milnerton Aquatic Club.
11. Touareg. Tents
12. Officials.
13. Judges
14. Riders.

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Profile Monday: Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna is a 20 year old kitesurfer from the Czech Republic. She is currently on PKRA Tour. Known as the Czech Charger, this girl is one to watch out for.


Images: Bianca Asher Photography

Words: DH


Name: Paula Novotna – the Czech Charger

Age: 20

Years kiteboarding: 6 awesome years

Sponsors: North kiteboarding, Snowboardel, 69 slam, Animal, Skullcandy


Where are you from and where do you spend most of your time these days?

I am from the Czech Republic, middle Europe, but most of my time I spend abroad as we don´t have sea and wind. I like to travel around Europe in the summer and in the winter I like to go to places where it’s summer, like I did this year, escaping from my winter into South Africa’s beautiful summer. I really enjoyed the time there and I would like to come back next year.


How did you get into kitesurfing?

That´s really lovely story. My dad says it was around 10 years ago somewhere on holiday and we sat on the beach till sunset watching the guys riding. As soon as we got back home my dad did kitesurfing lessons, in Holland I think. When we were little we were traveling with them and I was always just pumping the kites or packing them. I really liked to help my dad and even watch him kite. I liked the sea, the waves, all around it. As soon as my dad taught my mum, I started to beg them to teach me as well. They thought it was too dangerous, but I convinced them and learned to kite. It took me around a year, because we only went kiting on vacation, but after that I really got into it. In my 2nd year I got sponsored by our Czech North distributor and since than I started to learn more and more! Now I am happy I grew up in a family like this. It´s awesome when you can spend some time together with your family doing your favourite sport and actually have the same lifestyle.


Favourite kitesurfing spots?

I think my favourite kite spot is Greece, Rhodes. That´s a place where we spend our summer. You can choose if you want waves or flat. So my parents always go on waves and we go to train freestyle on the flat water side. Through the years it’s become pretty crowded but I can still find the time to be on the water alone.


Favourite trick?

Favourite trick? I love to do everything, actually I really hate back roll passes, so I think I really like front roll passes. I think my favourite trick is the S bend to blind or S bend pass.


Are there any new kite tricks you would like to learn?

This summer I will focus on lowmobe and back to blind airpass. I am not familiar with backroll rotations and backroll passes, but I am sure I will do it one day.


What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in your kitesurfing?

I think it was my knee surgery. I tore my ACL ligament and had  to have surgery. It took around 5 months to kite again and 8 months to be safe on the water. Now I am super happy I did the surgery, because I mostly kite without the brace than with. I can say I am proud of myself. I am more careful on the water now, I always warm up before session and stretch afterwards to avoid any more injuries.


What are your proudest achievements so far?

Last year I won the European Junior Championship. I am also the Czech Champion of 2012. We will see what brings this year.


What are your other interests besides kitesurfing?

I love to enjoy life, be happy even if it´s not windy. I love to do other sports, adventures. I used to go snowboarding very often before I really got into kitesurfing. I spent some time in Brazil, where I used to surf a lot. I really really like the cable park! And I love to study languages. My friends are also my interests, I love to spend time with the people I like.


What are your plans for 2013?

I am starting the PKRA world tour, I will do some stops and I will see how it goes. Maybe I will be competing in the Kitesurf Tour Europe, but I am not sure about this yet. Between all this I will try to train and finish my first year of University. 

Boobs & Skateboards

We first came across Boobs and Skateboards (an all girl skate crew) at an underground skate session at The Boardhouse a few months ago. We caught up with them to find out more about their crew.

Words & images: Bianca Asher Photography

Boobs & Skateboards

Who is Boobs and Skateboards and what do you girls do?

Boobs & Skateboards is an all girls skateboard crew from Cape Town, South Africa. We are like-minded individuals with a hunger for life. We are empowered women going against the grain. We are all unusual girls, different in our own way, in the perfect way to complement one another. We are sisters that motivate and encourage one another not only in skateboarding but in our daily lives.  – Free Spirits!


How did Boobs and Skateboards get started?

Chelsea (Panda) and Zahrah (Pixie) wanted to start a Facebook community page to help underprivileged kids get sponsored with skateboards and shoes to contribute to their progression. They lost track of the idea the more they skated. Boobs and Skateboard’s was spontaneous. Two of our favourite things are boobs and skateboards. All the girls had common interests – live fast, die young, be wild. Believe in the kindness of strangers, do your best, empower your mind etc. but mostly we all have a vast amount of love for skateboarding. It’s the first thing we think about when we wake up, day dream about it all day, and the last thing we think of before we fall asleep. We were instantly drawn to one another and started skating. We live to skate! We truly believe starting boobs and skateboards was one the best idea’s ever!

Male Dominated Scene.

You get over that awkward feeling of being intimidated by the guys the more you skate. The more you skate and the more serious you take it, the more seriously the guys take you. The guys encourage us and always assist us where they can. The guys love that we skate so often. We have skate sessions and crazy skate missions with them.

What sort of training do you girls do?

When ever we’re on our boards we’re training! Whether its cruising on our board, doing ollies, kickflips, front side shuvits, fakie shuvits, dropping in on the ramp or doing rock-to-fakies. As long as we’re skating, we’re training.


Where do you hope skating will take you?

We hope that others will soon share our passion and love for skateboarding. We’re hoping in the near future that skating will take us to different places and just meet new people that are down to skate. We also want to hold our own skate events as well as give back to others by getting them involved in skateboarding and the joy that it can bring to your life.

If you could have the perfect day, what would it be?

Our perfect day can be described as sunny, no wind, skating with the girls, chilling on the beach being reckless, exploring the earth – just having fun! No work, no school, no chores just being on our board listening to good music, with good conversation and just skating around. Travelling the world meeting new people and finding rad spots to skate!


What’s your favourite place to skate?

We don’t have a specific spot to skate. Street skating is amazing but Salesians is definitely a winner. The ground is perfectly smooth and we always have a good time there. We have obstacles to play around on, flat ground and the perfect ramp.

What have been your greatest achievements so far?

Starting the Facebook page has definitely inspired and motivated a lot of people, both girls and guys. We have gained a large audience with over 900 likes in just a few months. We have also encouraged many young females to start skateboarding. A lot of girls inbox us and touch base by asking for advice on how to do tricks, what board to ride, where to buy decks etc. We are empowering women all across the country and that’s priceless!

What’s up next for your crew?

One of our short-term goals is to launch a small mini edit of all the girls of boobs and skateboards showing off their skills. It’s been difficult as we don’t have the correct camera equipment or any body to film us. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to do this soon. We have lots in store, keep following our fan page for updates.

Red Bull King Of The Air 2013

With some of the World’s best international and local kiting talent, the Red Bull King Of The Air was rebooted in Big Bay on the 3rd of February 2013. With 16 invited riders and 6 local entries to go head to head in a ‘flag-out’ competition (During the heat the riders vest colours, represented by flags, are removed according to their scores whereby the top 2 advance). Ultimately the American Jesse Richman went on to claim the title, beating Nick Jacobson and and Sam Light in the final.

A judging panel including, Greg Thijsse, Susi Mai and Kiteworld Magazine editor Jim Gaunt judged the riders on their style, creativity and height of their massive jumps.

Andries Fourie was the highest advancing South African, making it to the semi-finals.


1. Jesse Richman (USA)

2. Nick Jacobsen (Denmark)

3. Sam Light (GBR)

4. Youri Zoon (Ned)

5. Andries Fourie (RSA)

6. Lewis Crathern (GBR)

7. Gianni Aragno (ESP)

8. Kevin Langeree (NED)

Images: © Bianca Asher Photography
































































































































Stokecity Night Shoot

With a full moon hanging in the sky, some of the country’s best wake boarders hit the water after qualifying at Stokecity Cable Park. Even though the light disappeared  fast, these riders kept hitting the obstacles to get these fun shots.

CASA Wake Tour Stop 1 (Stokecity)

Stokecity, Johannesburg played host to the first stop of the CASA Wake Tour this past weekend.

Photos: Bianca Asher Photography



Junior Men:

1st Jeaunu du Plooy

2nd Marius Labuschagne

3rd Jacques Labuschagne


1st Melissa Colborne

2nd Candice Bacon

3rd LeeAnne Louw















Pro Men:

1st Jason Colbourne

2nd Ryan Durham

3rd Dom Reichmuth














Wake Skate:

1st Darren Turner

2nd Matti Buys

3rd Kyle Holtzhauzen













Open Men:

1st Kaylib Louw

2nd Brad Morris

3rd Jacques Scheepers


1st Perfect Dube

2nd Brad Morris

3rd Wesley Scheepers




Local Grom Tristan Lev is making his comeback to surfing after a 4 month injury time-out. Together with his side kick Jarrod David, they hit up Llandudno for a fun little session. With everyone at work, the line up was empty with some unfazed onlookers missing out on the show.

 Words: Jarrod David

Images: Bianca Asher Photography