Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, the Mother City, a place everyone should experience once in their lives. and if you visit once, I can almost gaurentee that you will be back next year. this place is adictive. And the longer you stay in Cape town for the more you’ll find to do. it’s never ending, not to mention the Stunning Garden Route with prestine beaches, forests point breaks and some of the most incredible sights stretching all the way to J-Bay. Or heading North to endless trails and perfect unriden, and uncrowded waves of the West Coast.  The Beauty of this City is, it is as grand as you need it to be; most people rent a flat on Kite Beach and don’t leave it for 2 weeks, they just kite, surf, eat, party and play along the 1km stretch of Bloubergstrand Kite Beach. The wind blows straight down the beach like clockwork, with wide sandy beaches and kickers with large spots of flat water are on standby daily in summer. However with a banged up rental Merc, you have 150km radius that has more rough diamonds than West Africa. and with some local knowledge, you can be slicing through butter flat, fresh water in board shorts with 15 knots wind, surrounded by one of the most stunning mountains in ranges the country.

Red bull Kind of the Air, Big Bay, Cape Town - Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

Red bull Kind of the Air, Big Bay, Cape Town – Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

Blouberg (the place to be)

Blouberg beach, also known as Bloubergstrand and Blaauwberg Beach, is the place to take picture-postcard shots of Cape Town and Table Mountain and it’s it’s the most popular place to stay for surf/kite/windsurf holidays, it’s a 10km stretch where 60% or the industry is bases, hundreds of different spots for different levels, beachfront apartment by kite beach, restaurants, pubs, deli’s clubs, surf shops,  kite schools, gear rentals pretty much everything, it’s like the Tarifa of South Africa.

Just 20 minutes’ drive from Cape Town’s city centre you’ll find beautiful Bloubergstrand which lies on the West Coast of Table Bay.

Bloubergstrand (meaning “blue mountain beach” in Afrikaans) is just what the name suggests – a long, beautiful beach with a mountain view, just perfect for outdoor activities.

The beach is known as a surfing and windsurfing hotspot because of the large waves driven by the Cape’s south-easter winds.

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Horacio Llorens taking Pro Surfer Jordy Smith for a fip over the city Pic: Kolesky / Nikon / Red bull content pool

Horacio Llorens taking Pro Surfer Jordy Smith for a flip over the city Pic: Kolesky / Nikon / Red bull content pool

Kite Spots

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Watersport Photographer

Cape Town is one of the most popular destinations for Brands and commercial companies to come here and shoot there internation catelogs, brocures, product movies and more. We have the best condtions for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing from October until March, where you can be gaurentee’s wind, sun and waves on almost any day of the week.  We also have the some of the best photographers and videographer living in Cape Town. these photographer have experience shooting international qulaity productions, with the bonus of local knowlege and can arrange private or commercial photography in the best  kites/ surf/ windsurf spots in the world. so contact them to see there portfolio and arrange a shoot.

Craig Kolesky – Craig is the official Red Bull photographer and shoots the like of Red Bull athletes; Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten an more.


Getting To Cape Town

Domestic flights to Cape Town

You can fly to Cape Town from Johannesburg, Durban and other South African cities, with the following airlines: South African AirwaysMango Airlines, 1time Airline, Kulula. Depending where you wish to fly from, various charter flights are also available.

Direct international flights to Cape Town:

From Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Duration: 11h35m
Carrier: KLM

From Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Duration: 9h35m
Carrier: Emirates

From Frankfurt (Germany)
Duration: 11h
Carrier: Lufthansa


From London (United Kingdom)

Duration: 12h Carriers: South African Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic

World class mountain bike tracks around Cape Town Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

World class mountain bike tracks around Cape Town Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

Car Rental Tips


Rent a Cheapie (Budget surf cars)
Their cars being used alot by kiters and surfer.

Acker Car Rentals: Renting also old Mercedes Benz Cars! (Budgets surfer cars)
These are so cool. Sometimes you have the feeling they will have a breakdown every second but its probably the coolest kite-car you can get!  These ones are also used a lot by surfers.

Active Car Rental


Currency: South African Rand (ZAR, or R0.00). 100 cents = R1.00

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

VERY IMPORTANT! South Africa has a value- added tax of 14% on purchases and services. Foreign visitors can reclaim their VAT on collective purchases of more than R250.00. This includes kite gear (200 euro back on new gear), windsurf gear, surf boards and alot more. so sell all your gear back home and buy new gear he at a number of refund offices around the city. The VAT refund office is located at Cape Town International Airport (021 937 1200).
Banking hours: 09h00 to 15h30 (weekdays) and 08h30 to 11h00 (Saturdays).
Credit cards: South Africa has a modern and sophisticated banking and commercial system, and most shops, restaurants and hotels accept major credit cards.
Tipping: A 10% tip is standard in restaurants.

Please note that flights from some of these cities are seasonal.

Cape Town is a two hour flight from Johannesburg, which has direct links with most major cities around the world.

What about the crime?

Crime is an issue in SA but out in Table View / Big Bay area it’s not that bad. It’s nothing like what people make it out to be. Just be aware of where go and don’t go into any bad areas. The best thing to do is to ask around when you get there. Find a local and ask where’s safe and where’s not (especially at night). There’s alot of petty crime so if you park your car then hide your wallet, phone and glasses. Don’t leave your bags lying around. don’t hide your car key on your car wheel, Don’t leave stuff lying on the beach. Simple things like this.

There are areas in South Africa that are very dangerous but you have to physically drive to them. For example you shouldn’t really go to Townships. This is where the violent crime you hear about happens, so it’s quite simple. Don’t go into them.

Big Bay

Kite Beach

Dolphin Beach


River Mouth

Wave riding Spots

Karmers (Big bay)




Cape Point

Flat Water/ Freestyle


Brand Vlei

A bit south of Big Bay, towards Cape Town Center you find Table View kite beach. The beach is huge so there is enough place to pump up your kite without people crossing your lines. Lot of locals come here after work so it can get little bit crowded in the late afternoon, but as the beach is really big it’s no problem moving a bit when you feel uncomfortable or want to practice in a more calm area. The wind is cross on and the beach runs for about 7km. There are waves but they are usually waist high. And if they ever get big (which is rare) they are very friendly. There is a Best-Kiteshop directly at the beach and also a small cafe called carlucci’s where you get the probably most awesome sandwiches in Cape Town. This is also a tip for good breakfast.

Just 45 minute in the other direction of the CBD you find yourself at the notorious Cape Point for big winds and big kickers. follow the Cape Doctor (Wind) North, and paradise awaits you with waist deep turquoise water in the middle of a nature reserve. Yes there are spots like this all over the world, and yes South Africa has crime and yes it is too far for most of you to be bothered to sit in a plane for, but once your day on the water is done, there are 5 star hotels and stunning guest lodges less than a kilometer from these picturesque spots, any session along our coast between December and March and there is a rather big change the naked foreigners changing in the car park is Nick Jacobsen or Tom Court. There are some of the world best DJ’s playing in some of the hottest clubs and festivals, there are more beautiful people here than California, there are less rules than Dominican Republic, we have more plants species on Table Mountain (22 hecters) than there are in the entire United Kingdom or New Zealand and we have more culture and variety than you’d know what to do with. Cape is a city to be explored, and and the negagive about planning a kite to trip to the magnificent city it that you might fall into the trap of so many others and get lost in the sheer magnificents of the city and what she has to offer that you won’t unpack you kite

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