Red Bull: Rising High Big Air

Red Bull Rising High, the megaramp of wakeboarding goes down with a bang in front of 15 000 spectators. Riders and fans celebrate successful premiere of first wakeboard roller

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.05.32 PM

Red Bull Rising High: Raph Derome, the Captain of Hamburg takes gold.

Hamburg, 24 June 2013 – 15 000 wakeboarding fans at the Magellan-Terraces in Hamburg and online via live stream all over the world witnessed Raph Derome (Canada) take the trophy on the UNIT Parktech wakeboard roller. Nico von Lerchenfeld (Germany) won the “Swatch Best Style Award”, voted live by the audience. 16 of the world’s best wakeboarders made for a fantastic event with tons of stylish action. The invited riders had spent a week in Hamburg to prepare for Red Bull Rising High, mostly training on “Big Willy”, as UNIT Parktech’s innovative combination of XXL kicker and landing was lovingly christened. Pulled by the SESITEC System 2.0, the setup was kept at a secret location, where the riders could test it and watch the others from their yacht, where they stayed all week. After the training sessions they enjoyed skate sessions and trips to the city.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.04.14 PM

Sunday afternoon, the Big Air showdown finally went down. Cable and setup, as well as a UNIT Street Series Rail, were ready at the Magellan Terraces, where the riders had completed their final training in the morning. Spectators started arriving in the early afternoon to get the best seats by the waterside. Eventually there were 15,000 spectators celebrating their idols, making for a fantastic atmosphere. “Mr. Wake voice” Clint Liddy and local Patrick Unger did their part to rock the event on their mics. Local hero and crowd favorite Frederic von Osten was not able to compete, due to a lingering injury, but he did enjoy being in the crowd.

red bull rising high

red bull rising high

The first round was all about style and the competitors had to impress head judge Flo Meeh and wakeboarding legend Parks Bonifay with Grabs and Shiftys in head-to-head mode. Inverts and Spins were allowed to be rotated no more than 360⁰, so everything was possible in each pair-up. Raph Derome (CAN), Adam Errington (USA), Steffen Vollert (GER), Dominik Hernler (AUT), Shane Bonifay (USA), Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER), and Brenton Priestley (AUS) made the cut in this round. For some big names like e.g. Jeremia Hoppe (SWE), Daniel Grant (THA), and a few other big names this was already the end of the line.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.06.50 PM

Round two was clearly more technical; full Spins and Flips were allowed now. Brenton Priestley (AUS) missed his Double Halfcab Roll and Steffen Vollert (GER) lost the handle on landing his 720, so they were out. Raph Derome pulled the first Heelside Frontside 900 and made the finals, along with Dominik Gührs (GER), Dominik Hernler (AUT) and Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER).

Now it was about taking the crown at the first Red Bull Rising High, so no prisoners were taken. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER) landed his Heelside Backside 700, but missed the 900. Dominik Gührs (GER) pulled his 9 and got third, and Dominik Hernler (AUT) came in second with a super clean and grabbed Mobius.

It wasn’t easy for the judges, but eventuall Raph Derome deservedly added the Red Bull Rising High Boxing Belt to his trophy collection, since he was the only rider who had a Heelside Frontside 1080 safely on lock.

The “Swatch Best Style Award” went to Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER) for his sweet Indy Crowmobe, collecting the most clicks at the digital fan voting.

Raph Derome on his victory: “The contest was dope! The roller was a lot of fun, and it will surely give kicker riding a boost in the next couple of years. Winning Red Bull Rising High was the perfect ending for my week in Hamburg.”

Dominik Gührs, the best German at third place, was very excited after the event: “The level of performance was extremely high. We trained together all week, so we kind of knew what the other guys had in store, but everybody really pushed their limits today. For me personally, Red Bull Rising High was really cool and a season highlight.”

A new era of wakeboarding has dawned, and it will be thrilling to see the new tricks made possible by this obstacle. The crowd and the riders were stoked, and the event was rounded off nicely by summer temperatures in Hamburg Port City, a true wakeboarding mecca.

All further info, pictures and videos of the event here:


1. Raph Derome (CAN) – 89.75 points

2. Dominik Hernler (AUT) – 84.25 points

3. Dominik Gührs (GER) – 81 points

4. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER) – 79.5 points

Donkin Downhill Dash 2013

donkin downhill dash

The Boardhub Crew made there way up the East Coast this past Easter weekend to go take part in the Donkin Downhill Dash contest.

Photo’s and video from Eugene van der Elst: Ugen Photography

Dirty Habits Boardriders Magazine

Jean-Marc, SA Red Bull Skater gaps container 10m in the air

Every skater looks for the biggest and gnarliest gaps to land. South African Red Bull athlete Jean-marc Johannes took it to a whole ‘nother level when he landed a gap between 2 containers suspended 10 metres in the air, with Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain as the backdrop.

Photographer:  Craig Kolesky

Jean Marc

Mind the Gap



Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 4.03.14 AM


Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 3.42.49 AM


Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 3.42.39 AM


skater jums between 2 container


skater gaps container

Getting used to the container movements


skate  mag

intsaskate moment before JM heads of to a contest straight after the shoot.


sa skater




sa red bull skater

JM tests the bigger gap while Leander checks the movement



red bull skating




Jean Marc

Mind the gap


craig kolesky

JM flipping the container gap


Copyright: Craig Kolesky / Nikon / Red Bull content pool

Follow Jean-Marc on Facebook: Jean-marc Johannes

Follow Craig Kolesky on Facebook: Craig Kolesky

Red Bull ZA


MOVIE: Into the Thicket

Into the Thicket chronicles the journey of a few skateboarders’ treck into the forests of Vancouver Island to skate a ramp constructed using the surrounding environment and few other materials.

We Came across this incredible skate movie from Sitka today, It has to be my favorite video at the moment, and have watched it at least 15 time. Take note of the Open and closing shot, both filmed in one single shot from a drone (helicam) starting way above the forrest and flying into it. incredible.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Hanging Out - Rene Gauthier

Chris Haslam Chop Chop - Rene Gauthier photo

Chris Haslam Kickflip - Mike Pepperdine photo

Dane Pryds, Nosegrind - Gordon Nicholas photo

Chris Haslam, Anderecht - Rene Gauthier Photo

Mat Howell, One Footed Tree Ride - Mike Pepperdine photo


Photo credits, from top to bottom:

The crew hanging out – Rene Gauthier photo

Chris Haslam, chop chop – Rene Gauthier photo

Chris Haslam, Kickflip – Mike Pepperdine photo

Dane Pryds, Nosegrind – Gordon Nicholas photo

Chris Haslam, Anderecht – Rene Gauthier Photo

Mat Howell, One Footed Tree Ride – Mike Pepperdine photo

forrest mini ramp

Into The Thicket from Sitka on Vimeo.


Chris Haslam

Todd Myers

Mat Howell

The Kite Launcher 5, featuring Tom Court

After suffering a terrible double knee blowout earlier in the launching season, making sure the UK crew where off the ground, he has been spending some time recovering at home in the UK and looking after the girlfriends whilst the boys are Kiting in Cape Town

The Life of a professional Athlete is never as easy as it seems, but when you introduce girls into the mix life can get complicated… The Kite Launcher, is experiencing this first hand as he tries to balance his girlfriend, his clothing brand, the movie and the album whilst keeping his professional launching career up in the air…

Needless to say his traveling schedule has taken a hit, but now that he has got all the necessaries in place, hopefully he will get rid of the unnecessaries and will be travelling with the boys again soon!

The KiteLauncher is back!! Limited edition ‘failure to launch’ riding vests available for two weeks only!! CODE: kl123 @…

Music by: Born Ina Barn – Joe Publik
Rustik Records –

All clothing available at:

Fair Cape Downhill Challenge 2013

 Fair Cape Downhill Challenge 2013 Results and Pics

Photos: Eugene Van der ElstUgen Photography / Boardhub


Fair Cape Downhill Challenge 2013 was a roaring success. We had almost 50 riders

entering on race-day, causing a long registration process and a late start. The riders didn’t

seem to be too fazed, though, as the smiles told us. We had representation from the

Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and a lot of grom (Junior) riders.

Over 120 riders in total competed in the racing.

Ugen Photography / Boardhub

The wind conditions were not optimal but made for tight racing and drafting tactics, allowing

for plenty of passing action and tons of stoke as riders pushed their speed tucks down the

hill to squeeze out the speed.

Open Skateboard finals were intense, super tight and run in low light. The best of the best

that day pipped themselves against each other with “Kloof Nek Bomber” Decio Lourenc’o

taking the number one spot. Nick Hook had an intense wobble just before the finish line but

held it down. After the finish the placing for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th was so tight line judges had

to review the line video footage to call it.

Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Well down to the Jet Master Glen Phillips coming third and Fat Ant Boss Anton Pratt coming

4th. Super Grom Camden Lategan took 2nd by a hand but deserved it all the way as he was

skating on top form all weekend. Reece Trout and Nick Hook took 5th and 6th respectively.

The full results for the various categories are listed below.


Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Ugen Photography / Boardhub



Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Ugen Photography / Boardhub


dirty habits

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


dirty habits

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


skating hills cape town

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


ugen photography

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


ugen photography

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


Decio Lourenco

Ugen Photography / Boardhub



VIDEO from the Fair Cape Downhill Challenge

1. Duayne Cumpsty
2. Glen Phillps
3. Andries Haasbroek
4. Faizal Samsodien

1. Glen Phillips
2. Andries Haasbroek
3. Russel Naude
4. Duwayne Cumpsty

1. Annekathrin Buchwitz
2. Gabi Murray-Roberts

1. Anton Pratt
2. John Upham
3. Justin Boast
4. Dave Hort

1. Kienan Dunn
2. Nick Taylor
3. David Beare
4. Oscar Stubbs

1. Tyrone Challis
2. Tom Rushovich
3. Henry Muller
4. David Sim

1. Decio Lourenco
2. Camden Lategaan
3. Glen Phillips
4. Anton Pratt

eugene van der elst

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


eugene van der elst photogrphy

Ugen Photography / Boardhub


ugen photography

ugen photography

ugen photography

ugen photography

ugen photography

 South African Gravity Racing Association:

Photos: Ugen Photography




Paraplegic to World record breaker – Tanner Godrey

Tanner Godfrey “a walk to the record books  Picture: Todd Ellis


Tanner Godfrey, member of the Nitro Circus family, was a sponsored motocross racer at the age of 18. However, his promising future was taken from him after a crash in 2007. He became paralyzed from the waist down and was told he would never walk again.

This is the story of how Tanner has defied those odds.


tanner godfrey world record

Wakeboarding with Smoke Flares and Flashes

Flares and Flashes.

After seeing Bruce Irons in a glowing barrel with flares strapped to his board, we’ve been dying to strap some onto a wakeboard. The only problem is at R250 a flare (that last 30 seconds) and a photographer sitting on a boat in pitch darkness, 200m away; the logistics become a night mare.

We headed to Blue Rock Cable Park with one of Cape Towns best Photographers, Bianca Asher and a Nice Budget from Liquid Force Cape Town and ofcourse some of the best cable riders in CT. Bianca Managed to get these amazing images in a very limited 1 hour window. We are all stoked with the outcome and the surreal experience.

Cape Town Cable wakeboarders: Craig Eygenberger, Gregor Reichmuth, Sky Keller, Graham Howes, Candice Bacon, Sean Bacon, Craig Howes, Hjalmar Larsen, Nick Cattelan,

After all it was a proper shot in the dark… literally

Thanks to LiquidForce Cape Town, Bianca Asher Photography, Blue Rock Waterski.


Gregor Reichmuth



Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger



Candice Bacon



Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger


dirty habits


Graham Howes – Dirty Habits CEO


Gregor Reichmuth


Sky Keller


Candice Bacon Flaring


Sean Bacon


Craig fully flared


Sky Keller Christ Air


Bianca Asher Photography

Bianca Asher Photography


Blue Rock Cable Park

Blue Rock Cable Park


sky keller

sky keller


graham howes

Graham Howes


Candice Bacon

Candice Bacon

Liquid Force Cape Town:

Bianca Asher Photography:

Dirty Habits Boardriding Mag :

Blue Rock Cable Park




Bryan Loggenberg

Wakeskater Bryan Loggenberg sea-doo edit

It’s always nice finding some local steez in our mailbox in the morning.

Bryan Loggenberg – “The weather has been awesome the last few weeks and i took full advantage, filming a couple of sets behind the sea-doo with the gopro. iv got a hd version but its too big to upload to my budget vimeo account so i lowered the quality a bit…thanks to nic, gav and vleis for the help! check it!”

Graham Howes – Dirty Habits Halloween

Some people ‘trick-or-treat’ others carve pumpkins… at Dirty Habits this is how we do Halloween

 Jason V puts down his axe for a quick kite session in Cape Town.

Rider: Graham Howes (Dirty Habits)

Photo: Bianca Asher Photography

graham howes

graham howes


graham howes




liquid force kites


graham howes


graham howes


kite south africa, kite cape town


halloween kiting


Grahams sponsors: Dirty Habits, CTI, Brunotti, Mystic, Liquid force.

Bianca Asher Photography

Dirty Habits Booard Culture:

Thanks to Liquid force Cape Town


Undreground Skating with 20Sk8 and bFAKE

Last night Dirty Habits got the nod to an underground skate session; Some of Cape Town best Skaters from 20sk8 closed The Boardhouse park for an exclusive shoot for their new vid releasing soon, by Andrew van der Walt. They are busy mixing it up with SA’s rap group bFAKE

The 2 with the white faces are bFAKE aka PinKi & DA Bruin

And the Skaters:

Gavin Moses Adams, 
Justin Adonis
Ryan Naidoo
Shuaib Philander
Byron Rhoda 
Images: Bianca Asher Photography

skatepark ct




20 sk8








dirty habits


The Board House:

Bianca Asher Photography:

True Bearing:




The Boardhouse skate, surf & beach bar opening in Cape Town

Dirty Habits is stoked to announce that The Boardhouse surf, kite, skate and beach bar is opening this friday 19 Oct in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town.

The Boardhouse is a unique concept that will finally give us boardrider’s a place to call home. It’s a Surf Bar with an indoor skatepark, coffee/breakfast bar that is geared to host events and parties for all the local surfers, kiters, wakeboarders, windsurfers SUPers and skaters.

Dirty Habits and The Boardhouse will be joining forces to bring you the best and biggest events, theme nights, parties and boardriding competitions  in Cape Town.

Some of the events will we will be throwing this summer include:

  • Big Air kiteboarding series
  • Hidden Lines Movie premiere, Hosted with 2 World Champs Youri Zoon & Kevin Langeree with Nick Jacobsen
  • Opening Season Party (Nov. 2)
  • Boardriding Movie Premiere’s
  • Skate demo’s and jams sessions with SA’s tops skaters
  • Hip Hop Karaoke nights
  • And sooooo much more…

Join The Boardhouse and Dirty Habits for the Pre Opening of Cape Towns’ first board riders club.

*** The pre-opening will kick-off at  18:00 with a skateboard downwind session from the Milnerton Lighthouse (Woodbridge Island) to the new Boardhouse in Boubergstrand beachfront

Location: 12 Marine Circle, Bloubergstrand, Table View – (Opposite the entrance of Primi)

The Boardhouse Pre-opening event on FB:

The Boardhouse Facebook page:

Dirty Habits on FB:



See you Friday






Redbull Stratis – Space Jump from 120 000 ft

The countdown has begun for Felix Baumgartner’s epic jump from the edge of space. Yes, you heard right, from the edge of SPACE!! Supported by a team of experts, Felix will ascend in a helium balloon to an altitude of 120,000 ft / 36,576 m where he will take a leap of faith into the unknown in an attempt to become the first person to break the speed of sound during freefall. The target launch time is 5:30AM PT/12:30PM GMT.

Below are the highlights of felix’s jump from space

Below is Alex Baumgartner’s full video of his jump from space

Felix Baumgartner – Free Fall 2012 WORLD RECORD jump Live Video 39km High goes 525 miles per hour (MPH) just under the speed of sound, sponsored by red bull. redbull

Max velocity of 833.9 MPH (Mach 1.24)

Height of jump 128,100 feet (approximate value)

Duration of fall 4:20 (approximate value)

Length of fall 119,800 feet (approximate value)

“Felix Baumgartner” redbull “red bull” Free Fall 2012 “WORLD RECORD” jump Live Video 39km High “526 mph” “speed of sound” Felix Baumgartner – Free Fall 2012 WORLD RECORD jump Live Video 39km High mach 1 speed of sound “Felix Baumgartner” – “RED BULL STRATOS”
“Felix Baumgartner” – “RED BULL STRATOS”
“Felix Baumgartner” – “RED BULL STRATOS”
“Felix Baumgartner” – “RED BULL STRATOS”
“Felix Baumgartner” – “RED BULL STRATOS”

“red bull stratus” “red bull stratos” “amaizng skydive” “space jump” red bull space jump skydive “red bull live jump” “felix baumgartner live” “felix baumgartner sky dive” “felix baumgartner space jump” “felix baumgartner freefall”
“red bull stratus” “red bull stratos” “amaizng skydive” “space jump” red bull space jump skydive “red bull live jump” “felix baumgartner live” “felix baumgartner sky dive” “felix baumgartner space jump” “felix baumgartner freefall”
“red bull stratus” “red bull stratos” “amaizng skydive” “space jump” red bull space jump skydive “red bull live jump” “felix baumgartner live” “felix baumgartner sky dive” “felix baumgartner space jump” “felix baumgartner freefall””red bull stratus” “red bull stratos” “amaizng skydive” “space jump” red bull space jump skydive “red bull live jump” “felix baumgartner live” “felix baumgartner sky dive” “felix baumgartner space jump” “felix baumgartner freefall”
“red bull stratus” “red bull stratos” “amaizng skydive” “space jump” red bull space jump skydive “red bull live jump” “felix baumgartner live” “felix baumgartner sky dive” “felix baumgartner space jump” “felix baumgartner freefall”

Downhill Skateboarder hits Deer at 65km/h

A downhill Skateboarder Hit a deer at 65km/h during downhill skateboard race in Colorado. The skateboarder clearly had no ideer that this would happen.

deer hits skateboarder

deer v’s skateboarder

The incident took place at the Buffalo Bill Downhill race in Colorado over the weekend — an event that gained the nickname “Downhill Bloodspill” due to the high speed crashes that can occur.

The footage, posted online on September 30, shows a group of longboarders racing down a hill when a deer suddenly runs out onto the road.

The deer tries to run through a gap in the skateboarders but ends up colliding head-first into one of the competitors, sending both him and the animal tumbling off the road in a cloud of dust.

Online posts suggested the skateboarder was Salt Lake City local Ryan Vitale.

Several posts said Vitale was not badly injured in the crash, however it is unknown if the deer survived.

The “Bloodspill”, which has been running for four years and is the only legal skateboarding road race in Colorado, was last year the scene of a helicopter crash.

The helicopter, which was filming the race from above, crashed on the mountainside but fortunately nobody was hurt.

Downhill skateboard racing is said to combine the balance and maneuvering of snowboarding with the passing strategies of a car race.

Competitors are made to wear helmets and other protective gear.
Sources: The Denver Post
Author: Alys Francis. Approving editor: Hneri Paget

Snowboarding Matroosberg, South Africa

Snowboarding Matroosberg

Pictures & Video: Graham Howes (Dirty Habits)

Words: Buzzy Joell (Boardbox)

Rider: Rob Berntein Photo: Graham Howes

VIDEO BELOW: Quick clip from 4 hour session, 1st one in 5 years for all of us.

Snowboarding Matroosberg from Dirty Habits on Vimeo.

“Hey bru, How many snowboards do you have?” “Just one bru, but let me make a couple of phone calls
and i am sure i can organize another one!’. This was the conversation that put the wheels in motion for a
snowboarding mission into the heart of the Matroosberg Mountains. Yes that is in the Western Cape and Yes
there is plenty of snow. The Problem is that it is definitely not the easiest place to get to and it turns out that a
second snow board would be one of the easier things I needed to get my hands on.

Rider: Graham Howes Photo: Buzzy Joell

After calling a couple of mates I soon got another snowboard. I gave Graham Howes from Dirty Habits Boardriding

Magazine a call back to tell him the good news. Now the snowboards were the least of our worries and we
still had a rather large amount of stuff to organize, amongst this was warm, waterproof clothing, snowboard
boots, A 4 x 4 and a day off of work! Phone calls were made, favours were pulled in and 36 hours later Graham
and myself were leaving Cape town on our way to Stellenbosch to meet up with Craig Howes and
Rob Bernsein. Arriving in Stellenbosch we started packing all our gear into the 2.8 liter Short wheel base Land Rover
(Thanks Rob) that was to be our Chariot for the next 2 days. We left Stellies around 8 pm, with us all bundled
into the car and absolutely frothing for the adventure that lay ahead of us! We arrived at Matroosberg Private
Nature reserve around 22:30 to Didi’s warm and inviting smile. We unpacked the Landy, lit a fire and cracked the Old Brown Sherry. The temperature
plummeted to -11’C, but the cabins have built in fire places which keep you nice and toasty inside, a couple
bottles of Old Brown Sherry definitely helped as well!


Rider: Buzzy Joell Photo: Graham Howes


Frozen water pipes, clear, azure blue skies and snow capped Mountains greeted us at dawn the next
morning. Didi had very kindly invited us to come and join her for coffee at the farm house, coffee in hand
we met Waldo and Ivan, “there is plenty snow up there, you guys are gonna love it!” is what we were told by a
smiling Ivan! Charged up on caffeine we headed for the 4 x 4 trail. One thing i can tell you is that they aren’t kidding when they say 4 x 4 trail, infact there
is a list of 4 wheel drives at reception that are NOT allowed up the trail! So bring your A-game.
We pushed on up the trail as far as we could go, we got about 3 quarters of the way up before we got stuck
and couldn’t go any further and believe me we tried!

Packing the Landy

Back packs loaded with supplies, snow gear on, snowboards and shovels in hand we began our hike. 45 minutes later we were knee deep in powder.  We
found Berms, gaps, drop-offs, long slopes of fresh powder and we built a decent sized kicker that we sessioned
(we weren’t carrying those shovels up the mountain for nothing!). We ran into 3 other groups of people the
whole day, but apart from that we had the mountain to ourselves. Its a pretty surreal experience to be able to
snow board in South Africa and its warm enough to wear a just T-shirt and long pants. There isn’t a ski lift in
sight so be prepared to walk and climb up steep slopes, to me this just added to the fun but it definitely helps
to have a good level of fitness! As the sun began to dip towards the distant mountains it was decided that we
would hike up as high as we could get and traverse across the slope and back down to where the car was parked.
Its hard to describe the array of colours that greeted us when we finally got to the top and looked back down,
from pastel pinks to deep blues and fiery reds. We took the last of our photos, made sure
our gear was strapped up and started our decent. It was the longest run we had all day and we could not have
pre-ordered a better way to get down to the car!

Craig Howes, Rob Bernstein, Buzzy Joell, Graham Howes

We timed it perfectly and watched the sun setting behind the mountains across the valley, as we made our
way back down the 4 x 4 trail, if we had left it any later we would have had to get down the 4 x 4 trail in the
dark and that would have been a rather dangerous task that I would not recommend at all!

Craig Howes getting behind the camera.


Back down at reception, Ivan found us packing the Land Rover, “Glad you boys made it off the mountain, I was
starting to get worried about you!”. It’s funny how when you are up there that the danger level doesn’t really
enter your thoughts, things can go very wrong very quickly and I only started to think about it after Ivan had
said he was stoked we made it back down. We found the last of our beer supply and sat reminiscing over the
days events while sipping ice cold beers we had left in the snow under the Land Rover.

Rob getting in the way again… Photo: Graham Howes

Sun burnt, tired, powdered out and with stupidly big smiles on our faces we said our goodbyes climbed back
into our Chariot and headed for the Steers in Ceres, that place was about to get invaded, just like we
had invaded Matroosberg for the day!

Rider: Graham Howes Photo: Robin Bernstein

*A massive thank you goes out to Didi, Waldo and Ivan who made us feel more than welcome at the
Matroosberg Private nature reserve. Thank you so much for having us, your friendly smiles and incredibly
warm hospitality were amazing. We had an absolute blast and will definitely be back! Thank you once again …


Trying to get off the icy trail before dark


Proudly South Africa


Matroosberg Nature Reserve (Just past Ceres in the Western Cape)

These guys are amazing, really helpful and great accommodation on the farm below the snowy mountains.


Matroosberg contact: 0731940885


Snowboard hire

Downhill Adventures in Cape Town sorted us out with all the gear.

They have snowboards and boots for hire, and specialize in extreme sports guided tours and gear rental.

Tell: +27 (0)21422 0388


Thanks to the Buzzy at The Boardbox Cape Town board repairs for a good time.


Follow all of Dirty Habits Adventures


Jamie O’Brien takes Kai Lenny SUPing at Pipeline

Jamie O’brien Takes Kai Lenny SUPing at Pipe.

Professional surfer Kai Lenny flies into Hawaii for the Sunset Beach Pro — The first stand up paddleboard event of the world tour. After getting a call, Kai drives over to Pipeline to meet up with fellow pro Jamie O’ Brien and have the rare opportunity to SUP pipeline.

Name: Kai Lenny

Age: 20

Hometown: Paia, HI

Sports: SUP. Kitseurf. Windsurf. Big Wave surfing

Years of SUP: I started when I was nine years old after seeing Laird do a coast run on the North Shore of Maui.

Riding style: I like any aspect of SUP it is so versatile and fun in any condition. I do prefer the wave riding aspect the most.

Claim to Fame: 2x SUWT Stand Up World Champion: 2011, 2010

Person you’d most like to be on the water with: It would be so awesome to surf with Kelly Slater!

Best sunset you ever witnessed: Late evening session on Namotu, Fiji with close friends and perfect waves!

Guilty pleasure: Taco Bell

Catchiest song in your playlist: While the Flies, by The Joy Formidable.

Food in your belly right now: a breakfast burrito and RedBull

If you’re not SUPing, you are: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, tow-in surfing, body surfing, gym and school

Jamie O’brien takes Kai Lenny SUPing at Pipe.

Professional surfer Kai Lenny flies into Hawaii for the Sunset Beach Pro — The first stand up paddleboard event of the world tour. After getting a call, Kai drives over to Pipeline to meet up with fellow pro Jamie O’ Brien and have the rare opportunity to SUP pipeline.

Plus Kai 2012 AWSI SUP of the year video. – Jaws & Teahupo

The difference between Nitro circus and Jackass – Johnny knoxville explains

“Jackass stunts are designed to fail, Nitro Circus you have to succeed or else you die” – Johnny Knoxville

In case you’ve ever been confused by the differences between jackass and Nitro Circus, Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine are about to lay them out on the table in layman terms. Nitro Circus the 3D Movie is also about to lay it down hard—so hard—in theaters nationwide on August 8th (although, yes, there are a few privilged ‘plexes that will be premiering the feature tonight on August 7th).

Nitro Circus is an “action sport collective” led by Travis Pastrana, featuring he and his friends traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and an upcoming 3D feature film.

Using the innovation of 3D cinematography and the latest compact camera rigs, the filmmakers provide moviegoers with a groundbreaking experience in 3D cinema that puts the audience in the shotgun with the crew as they pilot motorcycles, rally cars, parachutes, mountain bikes, monster trucks and more.


In Nitro Circus, Travis Pastrana and his tight-knit, highly-skilled, adrenaline-addicted friends bring their impossibly insane and hysterical adventures to the big screen for the first time! Dreaming up the most dangerous stunts in the world of action sports–whether they are back-flipping a bike between two 60-story buildings or going air-born to destroy their friends in a life size, high speed game of Freedom Flyers–Pastrana and his gang are always at it. High Risk. High Octane. And No Safety Nets Allowed.


Greg Godfrey
Jeremy Rawle
Travis Pastrana
Jim DeChamp

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Where The Trail Ends

mountain bike freeriding

“Where the Trail Ends…” is a film following the worlds’ top freeride mountain bikers as they search for un-ridden terrain around the globe, ultimately shaping the future of big mountain freeriding.

This unparalleled story documents man’s challenge of mother nature and himself showcased through a cast of colorful characters. This is the most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted resulting in an entertainment adventure unlike anything experienced before.

Darren Berrecloth
Cameron Zink
Kurtis Sorge
James Doerfling
Andreu Lacondeguy

The full cinematic trailer is unlocked. Watch it. Share it. And prepare for the future of big mountain freeriding