16 Year old Pro Kiteboarder Narrowly escapes Death after hitting Sea Wall

16 Year old Pro Kiteboarder Narrowly escapes Death when his kite launches him into a sea wall, across a boardwalk and wedged him between 2 cars!!

Dean Kaplan

Last week Dean Kaplan, a local Cape Town Kiteboarder, went from having a fun freestyle session in the Milnerton Lagoon to waking up in a ambulance, in a matter of seconds!
In 2009 this exact spot claimed the life of a 38 year old fellow kitesurfer in a fatal accident.

When we hear horror stories like this, we all think it’s just another beginner who is riding in conditions or a location not suited to their abilities, but when a friend who’s pulling off some technical freestyle tricks at his home spot, lands up unconcious and covered in blood in the car park, it makes one think.

Dean Kaplan


As I write this story I recall last winter the exact thing happening to me. I came in hot after landing a blind-judge my line went slack, wrapped around the bar and looped me straight out the water with my wake board still attached to my feet, I missed a bolder but dented and broke off a vehicles mirrors before I could find my safety release!

Dean Kaplan Kiting In Milnerton Lagoon... the Scene of the crash

Interview With Dean Kaplan:

Dirtyhabits: Dean you have competed on the South African Kiteboard Tour and you are a Team Rider for Afrikites; hows that going for you?

Dean: The last tour was great! i manged to get to all the spots around SA ,i just hope I’m up and riding before this years tour begins and my new sponsor is insane. The owner of the company is awesome which just makes it that much better and the gear i have used so far has been top class.

Dirtyhabits: How Long have you been riding for and how experienced would you say you are?

Dean: I have been kiting for 2 years i have been on the water pretty much every time the wind blows, so i would say that i am pretty experienced

Dirtyhabits: How were the conditions on that day, did you or any other riders think it was unsafe to ride?

Dean: It was a normal winters day, it seemed fine to go kiting no one had bad things to say about the wind that day, but me and my bro thought we pumped up to big of a kite… i pumped up a 9m he was on a 11 but once we got in the water it all seemed fine , i was doing unhooked tricks , so i wasn’t that overpowered.

Dirtyhabits: I hear your mom saw the whole thing happen, and found your broken, bloody body K.O in the car park! you must still be in the dogbox!!! how did you explain that one?

Dean: Well she did want me to stop kiting, but she know that’s not going to happen. the new rule she put in place was , no more kiting in the lagoon (Milnerton River), which i think is a good thing and every other kiter should do the same, looking at where we kite in that lagoon is so dodgy and it is not a surprise something happened to me a you.

Dirtyhabits: With those gashes on your head and stitches on your face you must have taken quite a beating to the head! what happened (if you remember)?

Dean: I don’t really remember much but my last memory was doing a jump, landing it… my lines went slacked and wrapped around my bar and my kite just looped me into the air and i just remember being in the air with my hand on the release and i just looked down and i saw the rocks under me and i thought i cant release up here… so i just hoped for the best.

Dirtyhabits: I see you’re famous now Dean, in all the local news, and they all say the same thing: “Dean is very lucky he got swept toward the beach and not further out to sea….” Haha… comments…?

Dean: Haha… i have read so many articles and i just want to call that newspaper or where ever wrote the articles and just tell then to get there facts straight before publishing it. i mean i would much rather get swept out to see then onto land… but just not to far out to sea.

Dirtyhabits: So Chicks dig scares! Tell us about the Damage!! I bet you left a dent in the sea wall!

Dean: hahaha i haven’t be down there to check it out but i think i came out second best…
I fractured my pelvis , had 10 stickers in my head and 4 in my eye brow. i could have have been so much worse though.

Dirtyhabits: Well Dean, looking at the positives, we now have a full time photographer to sit on the beach and snap away! how long till you back on the water?

Dean: I’m off the water for 6 to 8 weeks and if you guys want me to take some pick just give me a call 🙂

Dean pulling a Kiteloop

Thanks Dean! Get better soon

This article isn’t intended to make the Kitesurfing look dangerous, it is meerly showing how quick accidents can happen, Milnerton is an advanced riders spot, and when riding in strong onshore winds, a small mistake can be applified, as you will get pulled directly to the building on the beach, So when learning kiting or kitesurfing in storm or cold fronts; for safety choose a beach with lots of space and minimal hard objects downwind!

Remember Kiteboarding is an Extreme sport!

And don’t forget, if you wanna Dance… you have to Pay the Band!!

Jordy Smith Wins the Billabong Pro J-Bay Bay.. Again!

Jordy Smith goes back-back at the Billabong J Bay Pro - Photo © ASP / SCHOLTZ

JEFFREYS BAY, South Africa (Sunday, July 24, 2011) – Jordy Smith (ZAF), 23, has taken out the 2011 Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay in a hard-fought Final over Mick Fanning (AUS), 30, in front of the raucous and hardy hometown crowd Continue Reading →

Blouberg Beach Clean Up – 14 May

Please join for the 2nd beach cleanup for 2011. The previous 2 have been awesome days on the beach, getting out in the sun, spending time with some friends and family, meeting someone new and doing something kickass for the enviroment.

Venue – meet in the parking lot opposite KFC and the Seli1. Saturday 14 May. 10am till 12pm

All logistics have been taken care of. The 1st 100 participant get an ice cold Hunters Extreme at Yo-Mojo afterwards.

Thanks to the guys from Yo-Mojo for the “after party” venue. Boerewors rolls will be on sale as well.

Challenge to all the kite shops to show a bit of face on the day.

Big up to Cape Dr and North for getting involved so far.

Come on guys – please support this – we really want to get some momentum going on this event and it is only possible with the help of you guys on the beach on the day. It was great seeing about 300 odd people rock up at the Big Bay Beach protest – it would be super cool to have that amount of guys a cleanup…

Future dates…13Aug, 29Oct and 03Dec


Monster Energy mad man Shane Dorian not only set the wolrd record for paddling in to a 57 foot beast of a wave, but he also pulled into the tube of this monster and for this he won the Billabong XXL awards for the Monster Paddle & Monster Tube! Talk about taming the beast!


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Final : The weekend of the 9th and 10th of April, was the final stop of the South African Kiteboarding 2010/11 Tour!!  Although wind and wave forecasts didn’t look ideal, Riders young and old gathered in excitement and anticipation for another weekend of fun in the sun.
After an early morning registration and a lack of wind, riders took to the water on Surf & Stand up Paddle boards to make the most of some small glossy waves rolling in to the beach. With the wind staying marginal, it was decided to start a Stand up Paddle board race. After the SUP race was completed, riders and spectators alike took some time to chill and enjoy Red Bull’s pumping tunes.Luckily in the late afternoon the wind picked up and we managed to complete 3 coarse races which consisted out of 2 laps each. Sunday still had no new breeze and the SAKT riders had a repeat of the idyllic sunny windless day of waiting, Stand up Paddling and swimming in Langebaan Lagoons warm waters. A great prizegiving on the beach brought the SAKT final to a close, and now riders are preparing for the closing ceremony of the Season , Taking Place in Boulevard café on the 14th of April. See you all there.

Looking forward to seeing you all…..

Langebaan final 2011  Results:
Sup Race Men:
1st-Colin Heckroodt
2nd-Peter Petersen
3rd-Oswald Smith

Kite Race Men:                                                                               Kite Race Ladies:
1st-Colin Heckroodt                                                                       1st- Candice Daley
2nd-Oswald Smith                                                                          2nd- Sjoukje Bredenkamp
3rd-Luke Mcgillewie                                                                      3rd-Megan Jansen Van Rensburg

Novice Kite Race Men:
1st- Byron Kaplan
2nd- Carl Ferreira
3rd-Jason van der spuy

Double eliminations complete final day of competition in Lanzarote

It was a great sunny day with cloudy periods at the PKRA Wave event here in Lanzarote. The wind and wave conditions were similar to yesterday. The waves built throughout the day from 1 to 1.5 metres with side onshore wind averaging 20 knots as the sequence for the wave double eliminations began sharply at 9:30am.

pkra lanzarote PKRA Lanzarote Wave Event Final Results

Australian rider Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha, AUS) earned the double elimination title here in Lanzarote. De Aboitiz was defeated by Fabio Nunes (Phoenix, BRA) in the first men’s final by 1.30 points, but in the second final, De Aboitiz took the win with a better score of 2.73 points. Strapless maneuvers such as aerials and remarkable cutbacks on the edge of the critical section earned him the PKRA Lanzarote wave title. Fabio Nunes (Phoenix, BRA) took second overall with his impressive fast series of vertical re-entries while maintaining control and stability. Filippe Ferreira (Wainman, BRA) follows in third place with his powerful cutbacks and invigorating bottom turns.

It was a great day for Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR), the current leader in the women’s PKRA Wave discipline ranking. Schibevaag’s sharp bottom turns and explicit cutbacks earned her the title here in Lanzarote defeating Angela Peral (North, ESP) in the women’s final. Peral had amazing heat, charging her way to the top of the critical section in a vertical direction with a smooth continuous speed. Ines Correia (RRD, POR) from Portugal takes third place with her impressive style and aggressive maneuvers.

A brief award ceremony was held on the beach as competitors received their trophies and posed for pictures for fans who seek inspiration and a memorable souvenir.

The Lanzarote Santakitepro 2010 organized by La Santa Surf and sponsored in part by: Cabildo de Lanzarote, Ayuntamiento de Teguise, Lanzarote Reserva de Biosfera, Costa Teguise, Santa Surf, Servicio Insular de Deportes, Sand Beach Active, Club de Kite y Surf, Logistics World Events, Costa Noroeste, and Alayon.

Watch the photos of this last day of competition

1. Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha, AUS)
2. Fabio Nunes (Phoenix, BRA)
3. Paulino Ferreira (Wainman, BRA)
4. Tom Hebert (North, NCL)

1. Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR)
2. Angela Peral (North, ESP)
3. Ines Correia (RRD, POR)
4. Marie Gautron (Takoon, FRA)