Dirtiest Summer in Cape Town: Dirty Habits Latest Video


The Dirty Habits Crew is a group of professional athletes from around the world, who chase the sun to Cape Town and other parts of the world to push each other to the extreme limits in performance, stunts, and taking day-to-day activities to the next level. We also feature friends and other professional athletes.. surfers, kiteboarders, stuntmen, skateboarders, wakeboarders,, adventure filmmakers, freedivers, and big wave surfers. Continue Reading →

Dirty Habits Freeride summer teaser

Well in case you missed the boat. This is how The Crew at Dirty Habits does summer.

dirty habits video

Amongst the Chaos this summer and all the international legends visiting The Dirty Habits crib, including Nitro Circus’ Erik Roner, Wake legends Shawn Watson and Kevin Henshaw, World champ freestyle paraglider Marvin Ogger, extreme kiters Ruben Lenten, Robbie Naish… we also had had Freeride Project and Riplslix Productions founder Tom Court spend the summer with us along with Crane jumper, Nick Jacobsen. Between the 3 boys including Mr. Dirty Habits Graham Howes, 3 very different projects began to merge into one common idea, The quest for epicness. and although the lines are still blurred between our different lives existing at other parts of the world, one thing remains certain. we sure as hell are having a good time. Here is the evidence. the teaser… just the tip of the iceburg.

Vid by Ripslix production – Tom Court


Tom Court:

“So this winter I decided to hit the Cape Town kite scene again, after filming a section of the #freerideproject 2 (coming soon) here last year I couldn’t resist going back again. Heading out to roll with Dirty Habits crew (Graham Howes, Nick Jacobsen) and get the full CT experience…
Also catching up with Aaron Hadlow, The North team, riding some sessions with Craig Cunningham and generally getting up to some FreeRide Project kiteboarding fun!
Keep your eyes peeled for the web cuts that are coming soon from this Cape Summer.”


Get the goods here:
KiteLauncher: https://palmeralocal.com/kitelauncher
Dirty Habits: https://palmeralocal.com/dirty-habits
FreeRide Project: https://palmeralocal.com/freeride-pro…

Shot on:
Sony FS700
GoPro Hero 3
Canon 7D

Silver Slipstreams: Downhill Longboarding Cape Town

Remember the GoPro video of the downhill skateboarder that tripped the speed camera on Kloof Nek Road? Well, he’s back in the latest promotional video for Mercedes Benz’ new A45 AMG hot hatchback.

downhill skating cape town

The beautifully filmed video pits Decio Lourenco, the 24 year old downhill skater, against the Robbi Smith new Mercedes Benz A45 AMG in a mock race along the Franschhoek Pass. The amazing slow-motion shots were accomplished using a Phantom Flex camera –

The A 45 AMG is the epitome of performance, control and expression – essential attributes shared with extreme downhill skateboarding. In a beautifully filmed video pitting man against machine these unlikely four-wheeled allies tango at high-speed on the majestic Franschhoek Pass in the Western Cape.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 4.09.26 PM

In order to visualise and share this idea, we challenged Decio Lourenco – a 24-year-old graphic design student by day and champion downhill skateboarder by night (or perhaps it’s the other way around) – to ride alongside Mercedes-Benz’s game-changing pocket rocket.

Decio’s passion for his sport extends to a point few of us would dare to go: hurtling down steep hills at speeds in excess of 100km/h, with considerably fewer safety features than your average Mercedes-Benz.

Some might call it sheer insanity, but in over a decade of countless high-speed descents, a ‘pretty bad roastie’ is the worst injury he’s had. And it’s no dumb luck. Like his counterpart in the video, Decio’s ability to hug hard tarmac turns at improbable speeds and unnatural angles is the result of years of practice – that never-ending ritual that fuels our passions.


Behind the wheel was former pro racing driver Robbi Smith, the go-to-guy for jobs involving cars where perfection is a prerequisite. Having been involved in stunt and precision driving for over 25 years, Robbi has featured in more than 1 200 vehicle television commercials – including a couple for Mercedes-Benz.

No stranger to the Franschhoek Pass, Robbi relished the opportunity to put the A 45 AMG through its paces, and was consistently blown away by the capability of this pocket rocket. With the pass closed for shooting by traffic officials, he probably had the most ideal testing ground imaginable.

Similarly, Decio basked in the rare opportunity of having an entire mountain pass as his playground, carving, bombing and sliding his way down with a playful abandon that belies immense concentration. Crouched low in his racing leathers and helmet, he mirrored not only the aerodynamics and compactness of the A 45 AMG Edition 1, but also the distinctive colouring package – Cirrus white with matt graphite stripes and distinctive red detailing on the grille, seat stitching, brake calipers, side-view mirrors, seatbelts and rear spoiler.

Over three days on the magnificent Franschhoek Pass, an enthusiastic crew from Bring Back Choirboy pulled out all the stops to capture this speed-of-light ballet. Their arsenal included extreme slow-motion cameras, helmet-cams, car mounts, remote-controlled drones filming from the air, plus cameramen on skateboards weaving between man and machine

Aside from some badly chewed fingernails on the safety and medical crew’s side, the shoot went off without a hitch and yielded some breathtaking sequences. Despite nearly three decades separating Robbi and Decio, it’s more than a thirst for adrenaline and an unrelenting commitment to their particular form of art that unites them. After a few days with the A 45 AMG, both gentlemen now desire one.

We’re very excited to bring you this much-anticipated production, created in conjunction with Bring Back Choirboy.


Directed by Luke Apteker.
Filmed by Cale Jansen.
Phantom camera operated by Karl Schmidt.
Aerial photography by Dean Engela and Tommy Gunn.
Time-lapse photography by Rory Allen.
Edited by Matthew Swanepoel.

More: http://www.mblife.co.za/Passion/King-of-the-Hill/

Llandslide skate jam in Lladadno


Earlier this year a low-key slide jam went down in Llandudno. 
Skaters from the surrounding areas took refuge on the picturesque mountain side without the chance of authorities intervening.
The opportunity of an almost swiss like road being closed off forced the diverse community of skaters to crawl from their holes in the early hours of the morning in order to get to the promised land of steeze.
 A fast straight into a sharp right hand hairpin followed by a steep left hand hairpin was the ideal setting for some FAST free riding from some of South Africa’s best up and coming skaters. the different styles from the different local areas were easily noticeable.
At the end of the day every skater was satisfied from a full day of explosive skating. The main roads were opened and all the skaters slowly disappeared leaving the  newly thane painted beauty silently content from a full day of being ridden hard. – Nick Hook

Photographer: Eugene Van Der Elst

Facebook: Ugen Photography

Instagram: @ugenphotography

Boardhub Media


More Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.309495502509394.1073741827.291384834320461&type=3

Moses Adams Unlocks Moses Mabhida Stadium in Skate Competition

Durban (South Africa) – In a field of the country’s best professional skaters and in an area that skating is usually prohibited in , Moses Adams fought off Dlamini Dlamini and Jean-Marc Johannes to win Red Bull Unlocked on the stairs at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

Pictures: Kevin Sawyer / Red Bull Content Pool


Jean-Marc Johannes in action at Red Bull Unlocked


 In a hotly-contested final against Dlamini Dlamini, Jean-Marc Johannes, Braxton Haines and Yann Horowitz on the smooth, polished concrete surfaces at Moses Mabhida Stadium’s People’s Park, Cape Town resident Moses Adams impressed the judges to win the first ever Red Bull Unlocked.

Adams proved throughout the competition that he was hungry for the win by landing some of the most insane tricks of the day. He fought off the competition with his sensational final run which included a varial heel flip, a nollie flip and a frontside flip.

Moses Adams in action with Moses Mabhida Stadium in the background

 We never get to skate at somewhere like this. The surface is so nice to skate on – no cracks or rocks and just so smooth,” remarked Adams. “I felt really comfortable today and just worked on getting to the finals. Dlamini was really skating well and I’m just glad I did my best and was able to win. “

 The one-day skateboarding event, unique in the fact that it gives participants access to an area where their sport would be ordinarily be prohibited, was judged by some of the most esteemed skaters in the community – Andrew Morck, Ken-Rae James and Editor at Session Skateboarding Magazine, Brendan Body,

Moses Adams Portrait

 Asked about the level of talent at the competition, Brendan Body commented: “The level of talent was super high and one of the highest I’ve seen in competition in a long time. With the event taking place at a street spot with the stairs and the inclusion of the hub and rail we saw some of best street skaters in a setup that worked for them and their skills.”

It was really close between Dlamini and Moses in the final. Moses was consistent and super smooth throughout – he clinched it with his last two runs where he pulled out tricks Dlamini didn’t have.”

Moses Adams in action

Final Results:

1. Gavin Moses Adams

2. Dlamini Dsquared Dlamini

3. Jean-marc Johannes

4. Yann-Xavier Horowitz

5. Braxton Haines

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 1.34.52 AM

Pictures: Kevin Sawyer / Red Bull Content Pool. More images will be available at www.redbullcontentpool.com.