We caught Twiggy on a solo surf at a heavy Weskus reef

Graham Howes and Darryl Partington were driving along a dirt road up the Weskus (wild stretch of coast North of Cape Town) searching for waves, when they spotted Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker standing on a big dune watching some heavy bombs detonating on reef

, “We pulled in and he started waxing his board about to go for a solo surf (no one around, no camera crew, no mates, just him…) Maybe this is normal in the big wave community, but just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. This was the 1st time meeting the legend, and he was as good of a character as he is a surfer. Luckly I had my camera with me (and a broken tripod) to capture the 1st half hour of his session until the battery died. What an inspiration this dude is.”

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