Jean-Marc, SA Red Bull Skater gaps container 10m in the air

Every skater looks for the biggest and gnarliest gaps to land. South African Red Bull athlete Jean-marc Johannes took it to a whole ‘nother level when he landed a gap between 2 containers suspended 10 metres in the air, with Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain as the backdrop.

Photographer:  Craig Kolesky

Jean Marc

Mind the Gap



Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 4.03.14 AM


Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 3.42.49 AM


Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 3.42.39 AM


skater jums between 2 container


skater gaps container

Getting used to the container movements


skate  mag

intsaskate moment before JM heads of to a contest straight after the shoot.


sa skater




sa red bull skater

JM tests the bigger gap while Leander checks the movement



red bull skating




Jean Marc

Mind the gap


craig kolesky

JM flipping the container gap


Copyright: Craig Kolesky / Nikon / Red Bull content pool

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