Llandslide skate jam in Lladadno


Earlier this year a low-key slide jam went down in Llandudno. 
Skaters from the surrounding areas took refuge on the picturesque mountain side without the chance of authorities intervening.
The opportunity of an almost swiss like road being closed off forced the diverse community of skaters to crawl from their holes in the early hours of the morning in order to get to the promised land of steeze.
 A fast straight into a sharp right hand hairpin followed by a steep left hand hairpin was the ideal setting for some FAST free riding from some of South Africa’s best up and coming skaters. the different styles from the different local areas were easily noticeable.
At the end of the day every skater was satisfied from a full day of explosive skating. The main roads were opened and all the skaters slowly disappeared leaving the  newly thane painted beauty silently content from a full day of being ridden hard. – Nick Hook

Photographer: Eugene Van Der Elst

Facebook: Ugen Photography

Instagram: @ugenphotography

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