Nick Jacobsen gets loose at Nitro City, Panama

Nick Jacobsen just cracked an invite to possibly the best place on earth. Along with 2x world champ Youri Zoon, Nitro City in Panama is the ultimate fun park resort where everything and anything is possible. And who better to put that to the test, but Nick himself. He was invited for 2 weeks, but seems to be finding it hard to leave and has extended his trip for another 2 weeks. This is what he sends us this morning.. thanks Nick.. like we’re not jealous enough..

Words: Nick Jacobsen

Pics: Louis Larsen

Youri Zoon and myself got invited to Nitro City in Panama for a week, to do some kite clinics. We have both been here before, so we were looking forward to go there again.

We had a warm welcome by the Nitro crew. Apparently I got my own ”Nick Jacobsen Pro Room” with an old board of mine and some photos hanging on the wall. Everyone here are super nice and helpful. You can pretty much do whatever you feel like doing. There is a 2.0 system cable, quad bikes, lagoon, gym, jetskies, skydive, skatepark, motocross track.

In this place its only your creativity that sets the limit. Its pretty much paradise in my opinion. There are always so much to do. After the first week had past, I couldn’t move my legs anymore, from all these activities. Youri had to go for the 1st stop of the world tour, and I decided to stay for another 2 weeks. Now we are busy filming a promo for my new beer sponsor DONN.

  A normal day at Nitro City:

Wake up at around 8am. Check the wind. If there is no wind, I hit the cable for an hour. Then breakfast. The wind normally pics up at around 11am. Kite for a few hours, chill/kite on the pool. Then I hit the cable again. There is a sweet motocross track. They have some really nice quadbikes, which are a lot of fun to play around on. Then its internet time. We have perfect internet in our rooms. After that, there are still 1000 of things to do. Cant even describe how insane this place is.

Nitro City gave Nick Jacobsen’s his own pro room. You can stay in it if you visit there. (right – his favourite outfit hanging on the wall)

Nick Jacobsen and his team mate 2x World Champ Youri Zoon

Bum slide

Frontside 360 to shovit off the box

About Nitro City Panama – The world’s first beach front “Action Sports Resort”
36 Room Beach Front Hotel with a focus on Action and Motor Sports.
On-site skate park, pit-bike track, wakeboard cable park, fitness gym and kite beach.
Nearby surf, skydiving, scuba, fishing and jungle wakeboard tours also available.
Nitro City Panama is a beach front boutique hotel in Punta Chame, Panama. The Pacific Ocean wind offers great kite-boarding during the first six months of the year (Kite Season) and the best spot for riding is out the hotel front door. There is also a two tower system 2.0 wake board cable park and sheltered outdoor skate park on the property.Founder and Action Sports Icon, Travis Pastrana has designed the Nitro City Sand Trap beach front motocross track. Hubert Rowland built the track with local track manager Hector Lopez. The track is 100% to regulation for Panama and Latin American Championship Events and already proves to be a fun and exciting venue to ride and race.


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