Nick Jacobsen Kiteloops off 40m high crane, Again! Craziest Video you’ll ever see!

So I get a call from Nick Jacobsen this afternoon, and he’s like: “Yo Graham, not much to do today, i might just jump off that crane today again, wanna join?” Haha, Yeah Right…

Nick loops his way down from a 40m high ship crane

Everyone has seen that video of the 1st time Nick climbed onto a ship, whilst flying his kite, then proceeded to climb up a 40m high crane, with his kiteboard hanging from his kiteleash, got to the top, chucked his board on and boosted off, followed by a few loops on the way down!

Well all his camera gear got stolen (with all the footage) out their car, half an hour after the stunt, and the only footage was from a cellphone. On the good side, it gave Nick the perfect excuse to do it again!

To put things in perspective, let me give you a run down of how Nick Jacobsen spent his last 24 hours,

Friday 23:00 – I take Nick for a downhill skate session (in the dark), he see’s a party bus driving by, so we grab on the back of it and get towed about 50kmph for 10km holding on it’s bumper while party goers on the bus hand him beers.

Saturday 02:00 Nick goes home after the skate, discovers he has lost his keys, so decides to climb to his 7th story flat on the exterior of the building, (balcony to balcony)

Saturday 14:30 Nick gets bored and momentarily tells us he’s heading to the crane to check it out,

Saturday 14:40 Nick is siting on the top of a 40m tall crane, he just climbed (whilst flying his kite)
Unwraps a Carluci’s sandwich and has a quick snack!

Sat 14:41 he lands his massive jump and heads to the beach for a beer!

Nick is currently in Cape Town for the summer, making video’s with LUPA films, for his sponcors.
Including Brunotti, Prolimit and Liquid Force, His latest movie that he is busy filming will premiere in January, so keep your eyes on this space!

The Big Question is what next after this.

Nick at the top of the crane... desided it would be the perfect time to eat his sandwich!

Nick Jacobsen loops his way down from a 40m high crane

Nick back at the beach with an adreneline overdose!


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