BEST kiteboarding – Everyone Knows 2015

best kiteboardingThe Best team met up to celebrate the arrival of the new 2015 gear. Everybody knows that the Best characters like to shred their hearts out! Luckily one does recover fast when accommodated in beautiful locations so the team also had the power to party hard, go dirt biking, go-carting, speed boating, skating…
Filmed and edited by talented Mr. Miguel Willis
Music by – Elementary Penguins – Everybody Knows My Name Especially On The Dance Floor
Featuring the Best Team Riders and their new 2015 gear Ride.Best/2015

RIDE WITH US – Ride.Best/2015

Everybody Knows from Best Kiteboarding on Vimeo.



Shark Attack Muizenberg

Photo: Reza de Nicker

Photo: Reza de Nicker

1 August 2014 at about 14:20 a surfer was attacked by a large Great White shark.

According to our Muizenberg local surfer Reza De Nicker (the source, not the victim), who works at the Airush Head offices close to surfers corner. A young surfer aged 20 from Newlands was airlifted to hospital after he was attack on his lower limbs, however, fortunately he still has his leg and is in a stable condition.

NSRI confirmed by the bite marks that it was a Great White. The Shark spotters allegedly saw the shark moments before the attack but were unable to sound the alarm before the attack happened.

The Beach has been closed until further notice.

Thanks to Reza for the Info and a speed recovery to the victim.

Melissa Colborne

Fresh off her win this past weekend at the CASA Cable Wake Tour Stop 2. Liquid Force and Roxy team rider Melissa Colborne is dominating on the ladies tour both at cable and boat events. She has 2 wakeboarding brothers, Jason and Chris, who have to spend many hours a week on the water just to keep up Melissa. Dirty Habits caught up with her for an interview.

VIDEO: Shot by Chris Rodger

Words: DH

Images: Bianca Asher Photography

Video: Chris Rodgers

Name: Melissa Colborne
Nationality: South Africa
Date of Birth: 25 June 1995
Home Town: Cape Town, Somerset West
Started riding: 14 years old
Sponsors: Roxy South Africa and Liquid Force South Africa
Board setup:  Liquid Force witness and Melissa bindings
Cable or boat: both but mainly cable
Top places to ride: Blue Rock cable, StokeCity Wakepark, CWC phillipines
Riding tips: shred hard but most importantly have fun!
Facebook: Melissa Colborne
Twitter: Melis_Colborne


2011: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
SA cable nationals- 1st Open ladies

2012: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
SA cable nationals- 1st Open ladies
SA boat nationals- 1st Open ladies

2013: Cable pro tour stop 1 -1st open ladies
cable pro tour stop 2- 1st open ladies
Boat pro tour stop 2- 1st open ladies

How did you get into wake boarding? My older brother, Jason, started riding a few years before me. I always used to go watch him at the cable until one day I decided to try it. After my first try, I was hooked.

Gnarliest injury? Towards the end of last year, I fell on a scarecrow off of the kicker and tore the ligaments in my knee. My leg got put into a full plaster cast and I was out for 4 months which sucked!

Favourite trick? Blind 360 off the kicker.

What’s it like being the girl wake board sister with 2 brothers wake boarding in the family? It’s awesome. I have fun going riding with them and we all push each other. My younger brother is still quite new to the sport but my older brother has been wakeboarding for longer than I have so he coaches me quite abit and encourages me a lot.

Who is your favourite rider and why? Nick Davies, he has his own unique style of riding and doing tricks.

If you weren’t a wakeboarder what would you be? Nothing comes to mind, I can’t imagine not being on the water.

What’s the one trick that gives you trouble and why? Definitely a railey. I’ve had a few concussions from this trick so I find it super scary.

Cable or behind the boat? Cable. I enjoy boat but don’t get the opportunity to ride much boat. I stay close to a cable so I ride way more cable than boat. I always have fun riding cable and love the obstacles.

Any weird phobias? Scared of the dark but not sure if that classifies as weird.

What are you most proud of in your wake boarding career so far? Becoming a Roxy teamrider and winning both boat and cable SA nationals last year.

What do you plan to do once you wrap up matric? I want to go travel and wakeboard around the world. I would also l like to compete in international events.


GoPro wakeboarding with Melissa Colborne. Melissa is the top female Cable rider in South Africa, watch her shred the local Cable park. This video was shot in one day at Blue Rock Cable park in Cape Town, South Africa.

100% shot on the GoPro Hero3+ Black edition.

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How to find me:
Snapchat: chrisrogersza

Follow Melissa:

Thanks To:

World of Heroes (GoPro South Africa)

Sail Video Systems (Helmet Swivel mount)

BRLS Hawaii (Board mount)

Electric Joy Ride – “Origin”

Courtesy of NCS:…

Groms That Rip: The Stuckey Boys

gavin stuckey, trent stucky

After watching this video I feel like i want to give up wakeboarding…. Trent and Gavin Stuckey have been killing it lately, tearing it up at Lake Ronix as well as dominating the features at OWC. Typically, kids this age have a hard time adding any sort of style to their tricks, but when I saw Trent air up that unit staircase, bonk the end, and then frontside 270 into a blind landing, It blew me away.



Xfighter Munich

Sheehan wins summer fairytale at Red Bull X-Fighters

Venue - Lifestyle

Josh Sheehan double-backflipped his way to a spectacular victory at the Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Munich, a mid-summer fairytale that threw the championship battle into a heated two-way contest ahead of the season finale in South Africa.

Clinton Moore ( AUS ) - Action

MUNICH (Germany) – Australia’s Josh Sheehan beat Taka Higashino of Japan in an action-packed Red Bull X-Fighters final in Munich on Saturday under brilliant blue skies and sizzling temperatures in front of 18,000 frenzied spectators on a first-of-its-kind freestyle motocross track built on a lake next to Olympic Stadium. Sheehan powered his way to his second career win and first victory since 2011 with three perfectly executed Double Backflips that had the big German crowd on its feet and begging for more of the mid-summer fairytale performance.

Josh Sheehan (AUS) - Action

Sheehan’s victory, which was worth 100 points, also tightened the Red Bull X-Fighters championship battle as it slashed the lead of World Tour leader Levi Sherwood (NZL) to just five points ahead of the season finale in Pretoria, South Africa on August 23. Sherwood, who leads the World Tour with 265 points to Sheehan’s 260 points, had to settle for his second straight third place while local hero Luc Ackermann, just 16 years old, delighted his home crowd watching from the shores of the picturesque lake with a stunning fourth place in his first Red Bull X-Fighters competition, a best-ever result for a German that kept the nation’s sporting festival rolling week after Germany won the World Cup in soccer.

Taka Higashino (JPN) Josh Sheehan ( AUS ) Levi Sherwood ( NZL )  - Award

“Doing that Double Backflip was really scary,” said Sheehan, who celebrated the victory with an impressive backflip dive without his bike off a dirt ramp into Olympia Lake upon which the world’s first floating FMX track was built out of 260 floating pontoons. “It’s amazing to win in front of a great crowd like this,” added Sheehan, the only rider in the field who has mastered the mind-boggling Double Backflip – which he nailed in Qualifying on Friday as well as in Saturday’s quarter-final, and in his semi-final victory over Sherwood before doing it again in the final. “It’s a bummer that Sheehan beat me in the semis,” said Sherwood. “I think I rode as well as I could. We’ll see what happens now in South Africa.”

Levi Sherwood (AUS) - Action

It was a bittersweet day for defending champion Thomas Pages of France, who had moved into third place overall in the championship battle with his brilliant victory over Sheehan in the final in Madrid last month. But Pages, who won Friday’s Qualifying, saw his title hopes evaporate after he had to abandon his bike in mid-air while attempting the treacherous Bike Flip that he did for the first time in Madrid. The Frenchman crashed hard to the ground, suffering a shoulder injury, and was lucky that his 100-kg bike just missed landing on top of him.

Brody Wilson (USA) - Action

Results Munich: 1. Josh Sheehan (AUS), 2. Taka Higashino (JPN), 3. Levi Sherwood (NZL), 4. Luc Ackermann (GER), 5. Thomas Pagès (FRA), 6. Dany Torres (ESP), 7. Rob Adelberg (AUS), 8. Clinton Moore (AUS), 9. Adam Jones (USA), 10. Rémi Bizouard (FRA), 11. Brody Wilson (USA)

World Tour Standings: 1. Sherwood 265 points, 2. Sheehan 260, 3. Pagès 190, 4. Torres 185, 5. Higashino 150, 6. Adelberg 120, 7. Bizouard 110, 8. Jones 75, 9. Rebeaud 70, 10. Melero 60

Pictures: Sebastian Marko, Andreas Langreiter, Daniel Grund, Armin Walcher, Flo Hagena

Red Bull X Fighters have their next stop in South Africa, Pretoria and the Iconic Union Buildings.  For more info check out:


Help send Tristan Lev to Worlds in Brazil

tristan lev

In May 2014, young Tristan Lev took out the Under 18 South African Longboard Title of SA Champs in St Francis, Eastern Cape.
This year this prestigious title affords Tristan entry into the upcoming Longboard World Champs taking place in Brazil in September.

Name: Tristan Lev
Home town : Big Bay
Favourite spot: Elands bay
Started surfing: Age 7.
Quiver: 5’9 , and a 5’8 dutchie.
Favourite surfer: Gabriel Medina
Sponsor: Dutchie surfboards and carve sunglasses.

Tristan has been a consistent performer at a competitive level, winning the SA Champs Longboarding title in his respective age group for the last three consecutive years! Certainly deserving the honour of representing South Africa in Brazil.

dirty habits

A major obstacle to his participation though, are the associated financial costs. As in many other instances involving surfing, in particular longboarding, financial support is not forthcoming and thus the financial burden falls on the competitor or in Tristan’s instance, his parents!

This is where you – family, friends and the community can make Tristan’s dreams come true by making a financial donation, of any size, to reach the target!


Tristan Really needs ever bit of support so please help fund him, or if you not gonna fun him atleast share the link.

Photos: Fabian Coetzer Photography

Matt Bromley: Surf Everything

matt bromley surf cape town

Matt Bromley and Jordan Alexander showing the diversity Cape Town has to offer with some of the best waves on the coast

Introducing the latest shape in the Starboard Surf range. The Hybrid is being hailed as the new go to shape that literally “surfs everything”!
Matt Bromley and Jordan Alexander test this theory in a range of conditions.

Starboard Hybrid – “SURF EVERYTHING” from Starboard Surf on Vimeo.


Check out more on the Hybrid at

Matt Bromley on Facebook: Matt Bromley

Film and edit: Tao Farren-Hefer
Slow Motion footage: The Bank

Matt Bromley surfs gnarly Skeleton Bay

skeloton coast wave

South Africa hellman Matt Bromley charging Skeleton Bay on one of the biggest days ridden there. This clip is crazy.

The dream of a perfect sand bottom point that reels down for miles isn’t that far fetched if your willing to travel, once you arrive at your destination however, you might need a little more than desire. Namibia came alive once again. Follow South Afrian surfer, Matt Bromley as he travels the Wave in the Namibian Desert which he calls heaven.

surf namibia

Filmed by: Steven Michelsen

Matt’s Facebook: Matt Bromley

Matt’s Blog:

Drones Banned in South Africa. With Immidiate Effect

Ripslix productions, Tom Court Flying drone off of table mountain

Ripslix productions, Tom Court Flying drone off of table mountain

Cape Town – The use of flying drones with mounted cameras has been banned with immediate effect in South Africa by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

This makes it illegal for any TV news operation, productions doing film shoots, people shooting documentaries, TV series or film agencies to use drones.

SACAA issued an immediate prohibition on the use of flying camera drones in South Africa, with no further permits being issued.

SACAA says the ban of all so-called “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)” with cameras in South Africa is due to a lack of regulations guiding its use and that more time is necessary to understand its use, as well as to come up with an outline of how these camera drones could be incorporated into the civil aviation sector.

Full Story on Channel24


Ripslix productions, Tom Court Flying drone off of table mountain

Ripslix productions, Tom Court Flying drone off of table mountain

/Screen Africa

Dirty Habits visit Madagascar.

The Dirty Habits crew, Pro kiteboarder Graham Howes and danish film maker Louis Larsen recently visited the uncharted Northern coast of Madagascar, in the Diana Region of Diego Suarez.

kitesurf madagascar battle of the bays tour to the island of Madagascar with the graham howes and the dirty habits crew
Over the course of 2 weeks they not only rode and competed at the best freestyle spots in the country, they also searched for new unridden spots that litter the east coast of Madagascar. With hundreds of turquoise bays, protected by mangroves, mango trees and the grand Boabab trees.

The Video gives you just a taste of this amazing kitesurf destination. One of the most amazing kite and travel destinations that are truly unspoilt.

Dirty Habits RCM Battle of the Bay kiteboarding contest and exploration trip organized my Mad Power Events.

Film Produced, edited, filmed by Louis Larsen.

2014 Madagascar Kitesurfari coming up in September. More info:

Mada Power Events:
Event Page:
Shakaloho Guest House:

Dirty Habits Board Culture


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Jamie O’Brien Epic 4: Homemade Bungee Cord and Giant Ramp

Bungee Cord and Giant Ramp

Jamie O’Brien convinces Poopies to jump off the Wahiawa Bridge using a homemade bungee cord. JOB and the boys then build a giant kicker ramp and use it at Waimea, Haleiwa and Pipeline. Giant flips and lots of fun lead to what may be the world’s best best slip and slide!


Puddle Surfing: Jamie O’Brien Gets Barreled in Mud Water

Puddle Surfing

Puddle Surfing in Mud Water? Like him or not, for Jamie O’Brien and his boards, a surf session is literally a simple just-add-water away – crystal clear, contaminated, or otherwise. These Red Bull series are entertaining enough, yet it’s far and away the most entertaining when the North Shore boys are being innovative in their screwing over of Poopies. And in true Macgyver spirit, the rippers head to Waimea Bay for a lil’ river surfing after they’ve contracted all they can from the puddle.

Who needs Pipeline? The kids are getting along fine without it.


Alex and Koa Smith captured some pretty amazing Gopro footage from a crazy surf trip they had in Micronesia. They just released a rad new edit so make sure you check it out.

Gopro Footage Surf



Go to to see how you can win a ton of Hurley gear! Directed by Alex & Koa Smith Edited by Alex Smith, Dtrean, Koa Smith Filmed by Aaron Leiber, Noah Alani, Alex & Koa Smith Music: “25 bucks” by Danny Brown (clean version by Dj Kana) Cover Photo by

Call of Duty is the newest sport at the X Games

Call of Duty - X Games

Professional Call of Duty Gamers will compete at the inaugural MLG X Games Invitational during the first ever X Games Medal competition in Austin, Texas this June, Major League Gaming announced.

The Xbox One Version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be used for the tournament. The tournament will take place over the three-day festival with other extreme sports competition such as skateboarding and BMX. The game will be field of eight participants and will be consist of the top three finishers from the 2014 Call of Duty Championship last month – EnVyus, CompLexity and OpTic Gaming, and the top five Ghosts teams in terms of MLG Pro Points rankings.

Fans and gamers alike can watch the MLG X Games Invitational Tournament Livestream on the MLG website or in the applications for android, iOS and Xbox 360. X Games Austin attendees can check out the competition in person — tickets for the three-day festival are available for $89, and eSports aficionados in attendance have the option of paying an additional $100 for a 3-Day Major League Gaming Premium Upgrade, which includes reserved seating for the tournament, a backstage tour, the opportunity to meet the players and a gift bag.

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South Pacific Surfing: Behind the Scene

Shot on an island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Behind the Seen showcases surfing in a different way.

South Pacific Surfing

Photographer Matt Shepherd and filmmaker Francesco Campello joined forces to show what surfing is like from below the surface.

Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that expands way beyond those brief moments of wave riding.

South Pacific Surfing

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Like Oh… Kite and Cable Riding

An eye-catching journey to discover what South East Asia has to offer in Kite and Cable Riding. One insane trip, Dominique Granger and Colleen Carroll went on a true adventure where they later met up with friend, Paula Rosales.

girls cable riding

Kite and Cable Riding

SONG: Lorde – Million Dollar Bills

CAMERA: Colleen Carroll, Dominique Granger, Chris Simpson, Elke Venken, Maja Enander
EDIT: Colleen Carroll

THANK YOU: Camsur Watersports Complex, Oui Kite, Kite Cable Thailand, Willy Kerr, Paula Rosales, Bahari Beach Resort

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The FreeRide Project 2 – A Proper Kiteboarding movie

The “FreerRide” project is an idea that started in 2011. Four riders from different brands started traveling together and filming how they wanted the sport to look and be represented.


The FreeRide Project 2 - Kiteboarding

Four riders quoted saying, this is a no-mess, un-brand motivated representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it means to us as we travel to some of the best spots and biggest wakestyle events throughout the year, to just have fun and ride!

This video goes to South Africa, Greece, Cape Hatteras, Egypt and Russia, with some kiteboarding and wakeboarding action in each spot.

Sit back and enjoy, the video will be available for free download soon. The idea being that you can burn your own DVD/movie, share it at home or play it in your shops!! Spread the word!!

A big THANKS to all involved who made this possible and helped us along the way! The KiteLauncher!!

Tom Court
Sam Light
Aaron Hadlow
James Boulding

Edit: Ripslix – Tom Court –

Music: Original Soundtrack from Joe Publik, Born Ina Barn and Rustik Records
Check their youtube channel and subscribe:
Sound cloud:
Other Tracks – The TrainSpotters – World Wide
Link to FreeRide Project 1:

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Life is full of events – Make them great with GYBE Event Tents

Whether you are at a big event, on the move or just having a nice day at the beach, the GYBE Event Tents is the perfect solution. This season the GYBE Event Tents is use in the event in South Africa.

GYBE Event Tents

GYBE Event Tents is easy to use, fast to rig and you can put it anywhere. Also with a complete digital printing combination to allow business or brand stand out wherever you are.

Our tents are made with the highest quality standard and are inspired by the sports that we love.

Check our website:

Filmed/Edit: Tom Court –
Big thanks to – Sophie Mathews

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