Photo’s: Brotherly Love With James and Matt Busse

When 2 kids that don’t have enough fluff on there faces to qualify for Movember, pull up to the beach in a pimping Hummer. You wouldn’t expect to meet 2 more humble, polite and kind guys! James has just finished matric, so he has way too much time on his hands. So I rounded up James and his younger brother Matthew, tried to get them to put some boardies on and got them in the water! It’s great to see brotherly love on the water, sharing the stoke and having fun!

Both these kids were pulling some new tricks out of the bag and it is going to be a very interesting summer of Competition with James on the SAKT. Not only focusing on his technical tricks but he’s pulling them off with style and loads of power!

James busse Blind judge

James Busse
Home Town: The Mother City
Age: 18
Sponsors: Cabrinha – South Africa
Years riding: 4 years
Favourite Trick: A megaloop with a late backroll with a one foot board-off with a downloop. boom!

James with a solid slim chance

Plans for 2012:I want to do the best I can in all the South African kiting events and hopefully compete in some events abroad. I will be teaching kiting for a few months and I am going to start flying aircraft sometime next year which I can’t wait for. Most importantly I want to be happy and keep the AMP UP! As long as I have a smile on my face, I’m doing it right.

James Busse with a huge handle pass

Describe your brother in a few words?
Matt is an excellent kiter and has a lot of potential. It’s  best kiting with him especially laughing off all the big bails and fails that we make.

Mixing it up with a Kungfu air!

Best Moments with your bro:
The best memory to date was when I was in hot pursuit in a Lifesaving boat to rescue Matt along with the emergency helicopter. Back in the amateur days, he put his kite down behind the rocks at Big Bay in light wind and massive swell. Good memories !

James about to throw down something huge!

Matthew Busse
Home Town: Cape Town
Age: 17
Sponsors: Cabrinha Africa , Glider Eyewear
Years riding: 4
Favourite Trick: Backmobe
Plans for 2012: World Domination (he laughs)

Matt Busse thowing some massive loops

Describe your brother in a few words:
James has got infinite possibilities for pioneering new tricks and styles for the sport thanks to his freakish monkey strength.

Matt nailing a flat 3

Matt Busse big bay

Monkey boys