Alaia Surfing with Remi Petersen

Alaia Surfing – The art a surfing a handcrafted piece of tree with no finns, channels or rocker

1 year ago we met this crazy kid in J-Bay, running up and down the beach with a piece of wood under his arm, and blonde hair blowing in the wind. We filmed a quick session of Remi Petersen shredding his Alaia board. You people loved it, so Bianca Asher headed back to Jbay to get some more action with Remi. Not only does he kill on this finless board but he is one of the best backhand surfers at Supertubes. It is almost impossible to comprehend the difficulty of this type of surfing. most of you would spend a month on this board and still not even manage a bottom turn. Keep it up Rem Dog. Big things to come.

Tell us what you think of this surfing. Is it just for hippie kids… or is this the ultimate expression of freedom on a wave?

alaia surfing

Remi Peterson from Bianca Asher on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited: Bianca Asher Photography

Remi Petersen of Facebook: Remi Petersen

Alaia Religion:  Alaia Religion


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  1. Dolly

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