SUP Dungeons

Alex Vliege, a mate of mine from Holland who you can always find at the sickest surfhouses in Cape Town, the Mystic House. If you thought you lived an action packed life, you were wrong. Alex is either  jumping off Lions’ head with his paraglider, bombing downhill on his skateboard in Franshoek, freediving Dungeons reef, jumping out planes, doing massive kitesurfing downwinders to Haakgat or  throwing mad party’s at The Boardhouse.

Now he is the 3rd guy to drop in at Dungeons with a SUP. Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean Diving has taken Alex to that reef plenty of times, but this time he left the snorkel at home and brought his SUP. Highly unequipped with his short wave board; the inevitable is what followed, one massive beating and stitches to the face. He still came out smiling though, as always.

Thanks to Steve from Animal Ocean Diving for making this happen and James Taylor for the Jetski Rescue


sup dungeons










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