Big Wave surfer rescued while she floats face down.

So we know that you male surfers out there are a little rusty when i comes to remembering names, and often associate a ‘surfer’ with her ‘bottom turn’ So we thought we would help you out in identifying the Big Wave surfer who drowed and was resucitated at the Big Wave spot in Portugal today.

Picture: Francesco Carrozzini - ESPN

Picture: Francesco Carrozzini – ESPN

Red Bull Big Wave surfer, Maya Gabeira took off on the biggest wave of her life today at Nazare in Portugal and ended up with a reportedly 70ft foamy on the head. Maya and her town partner, Carlos Burle attemped to rescue her several times while she floated face down in between monster waves. after finally jumping from his ski,  to get her to the beach and performed CPR. Maya soon recovered her consciousness and was taken to a hospital.




Video of Maya’s Big wave crash

Video of the Day at Nazare, some of the biggest waves ever surfed

SUP Dungeons

Alex Vliege, a mate of mine from Holland who you can always find at the sickest surfhouses in Cape Town, the Mystic House. If you thought you lived an action packed life, you were wrong. Alex is either  jumping off Lions’ head with his paraglider, bombing downhill on his skateboard in Franshoek, freediving Dungeons reef, jumping out planes, doing massive kitesurfing downwinders to Haakgat or  throwing mad party’s at The Boardhouse.

Now he is the 3rd guy to drop in at Dungeons with a SUP. Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean Diving has taken Alex to that reef plenty of times, but this time he left the snorkel at home and brought his SUP. Highly unequipped with his short wave board; the inevitable is what followed, one massive beating and stitches to the face. He still came out smiling though, as always.

Thanks to Steve from Animal Ocean Diving for making this happen and James Taylor for the Jetski Rescue


sup dungeons










seal diving cape town
Anyone wanting to go out and watch these guys charging these massive swells, or wanting to see what the reef looks like below the surface whilst swimming with a seal colony. Get in touch with Animal Ocean
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A Colossal Storm Heading for Cape Town

A colossal storm, and that is more in terms of size than how low it goes in atmospheric pressure, forms on Wednesday, and by Thursday and Friday parks off with ferociously virulent intent 2,000 miles from the country.

Colossal because this frikken thing is about the size of southern Africa up to the equator, give or take a few fiefdoms. Colossal also because the wind fetch (the area where the wind blows) is huge and particularly venemous by Friday evening, when a vast tract of the ocean is in a furious state of swell genesis mayhem … almost enough to get the traditionally purple patches of spurious prose to spread across this website like a virulent red, rodent skin condition.

And colossal because this vast mobile wind continent in the middle of the Atlantic sinks to a disturbing 950 or so millibars at its centre, which cannot hold

And colossal because this vast mobile wind continent in the middle of the Atlantic sinks to a disturbing 950 or so millibars at its centre, which cannot hold as winds reach double gale force and are pointing directly at Cape Town and the southwestern Cape. Ayta!

A ginormous swell advances from an early iteration of the generating storm, grinding through the ocean over three days. The advance guard hammers on the castle door from Sunday morning, 25 foot bombs offloaded from this long range squadron with beautifully horrifyihng high energy 18 second intervals.

And then, wait for it, batten your hatch, hold your loved one heart to heart forsooth, because this forerunner phalanx is followed by a giant 40ft storm swell – the ‘bulk’ of the invasion – which raids the ramparts, guts the grocery store, from late Sunday into Monday.

All the above fancy obviously dependent on whether the storm holds its current form, fury and focus.

Alas, it does look like strong winds arrive with the swell on Sunday, but lets hope that Saturday which looks like a beautiful day, is picking up some long range forerunnners. Watch this space.

Oh, by the way, shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we’re not talking about the few days before, when the SW Cape is going off its floppy tits (Wednesday and Thursday) with an epic long lulled 16 second groundswell that comes from another storm we’re busy with at the moment in the SW quadrant of our local ocean. And light winds seem to prevail, especially Wednesday.