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When you see a guy on the water, ripping, it’s too easy to assume he is a pro-kiter. A beach bum who spends their days smoking grass and waiting for the wind and tide to align for the perfect session. Well this is not always the case and Warrick Meyer is a true example. His average day is spent 32,000ft above our heads and when he’s not flying planes he is on an aerial assault of a different kind! He shows us that you don’t need to be 19 and spending 4 hours a day in the water to be at the top of your game, which is where he’s at! Dirty Habits managed to tie him down and find out the truth about waveriding, where it’s heading and how to  make sure you’re not left behind on the air-bridge!

Photo: Robin Somogyvari

Age:  32 gusting 33

Years Kiting:   4


Plane you fly:  

Home Spot:  
Big Bay, Cape Town.

Photographer: Robin Somogyvari

DH: Wave riding is taking different paths of progression these days including strapless, unhooked, onshore winds, down the line wave riding and more. Which do you think is the most progressive form of riding waves?
WM: Strapless and unhooked, the closer to surfing the better. If you watch any good rider their feet are always moving, no two waves or two days are ever the same. I think that’s what keeps us addicted. Strapless gives you versatility to change the trim of your board depending on your speed and position on the wave. There is no better feeling than getting barreled, with or without a kite. The only difference with a kite is more waves.

DH: We are seeing shapers and brands coming out with some strange shaped boards and sizes, even fish tail chunky boards. What’s your opinion on board types and sizes for pure surf style wave riding,
WM: KISS, surfboard shapers have been working intimately with pros for decades and if it surfs well it’s going to kite even better. The big advantage with a kite is that you don’t have to paddle into a wave so we can reduce the volume of a board normally in length and gain even more maneuverability in the pocket. The next time you injure yourself and the average on Blowfeed is 13 kts head down to Big Bay and you will see Smarty on a 5″something riding “pure surf style” – respect.

 DH: Which guys out there are influencing your style of riding and giving you inspiration?

WM: Ian Alldredge & Patrick Rebstock. Jordy Smith would be impressed with what they are doing on a kite. I haven’t been kiting for very long but it appeared that the sport was stagnating until Ian & Patrick started riding strapless. I mean this with all due respect, especially because I could never dream of riding like the top freestyle riders but riding a twin tip at professional level is finite, there is only so much you can do. Wave riding however will never been the same, the conditions are always changing so even if you are only getting your stoke on by riding down the shoulder of a wave it’s always going to give you a kick because it’s always different.

DH: A lot of surfers are realizing that it’s time to add a kite to their quiver, including SA top pro surfer Jaco Steyn (spotted a couple times on kiting on kite beach).
What would you say to surfers who are looking to get into ‘surfing with a kite’
WM: Ask Rodney Somogyvari, he’s only been kiting a few months but already shredding on his surfboard. Growing up on the Natal coast we didn’t know about kiting and the only thing that kept us out of the water was the “Beastly Easterly”. So if you are passionate about the ocean kiting is a natural progression to keep you wet.

DH: In winter we see most Cape Town kiters pack their gear away until next summer, what does this upcoming winter have in store for you?
WM: Good idea, it sucks! Only mucking with ya, winter is my favorite time to kite in Cape Town. No crowds, warm-er water and beautiful conditions to practice your aerial attack. Keep an eye out for Graham & Robin in Melkbos with the next North Wester. Our local charges are pushing harder, faster and higher…

Photographer: Robin Somogyvari

DH: What are your favorite conditions for wave riding?

WM: Cross offshore wind + Cross onshore swell + Mates and preferably reeling of some rocks!!!

DH: I saw you riding with a waterproof mp3 player, what tracks are on your playlist
WM: Sail by Awolnation on loop.(Check out Waterfi)

Photo: Robin Somogyvari

DH: You come from Durban, now living in Cape Town, is there a big difference in the kiting scene between East and West Coast?

WM: Crowds, Durban & the East coast are SA’s best kept secret. Miles of pristine uncrowded and unspoiled coast line waiting for you and your mates to kite it with the added bonus of warm blue water.
West Coast – flashy & fast i.e Luke McGillewie .
East Coast – underground & hardcore i.e Rob Chrystal.

Photographer: Robin Somogyvari

DH: Anything else to add:

WM: Take your straps OFF, Surfers get a kite and foreigners, you are most welcome to our awesome beaches but show some respect on the water.
THANK YOU Cabrinha & Firewire, it’s fantastic to finally be on gear that works and lasts.

Photo’s: Brotherly Love With James and Matt Busse

When 2 kids that don’t have enough fluff on there faces to qualify for Movember, pull up to the beach in a pimping Hummer. You wouldn’t expect to meet 2 more humble, polite and kind guys! James has just finished matric, so he has way too much time on his hands. So I rounded up James and his younger brother Matthew, tried to get them to put some boardies on and got them in the water! It’s great to see brotherly love on the water, sharing the stoke and having fun!

Both these kids were pulling some new tricks out of the bag and it is going to be a very interesting summer of Competition with James on the SAKT. Not only focusing on his technical tricks but he’s pulling them off with style and loads of power!

James busse Blind judge

James Busse
Home Town: The Mother City
Age: 18
Sponsors: Cabrinha – South Africa
Years riding: 4 years
Favourite Trick: A megaloop with a late backroll with a one foot board-off with a downloop. boom!

James with a solid slim chance

Plans for 2012:I want to do the best I can in all the South African kiting events and hopefully compete in some events abroad. I will be teaching kiting for a few months and I am going to start flying aircraft sometime next year which I can’t wait for. Most importantly I want to be happy and keep the AMP UP! As long as I have a smile on my face, I’m doing it right.

James Busse with a huge handle pass

Describe your brother in a few words?
Matt is an excellent kiter and has a lot of potential. It’s  best kiting with him especially laughing off all the big bails and fails that we make.

Mixing it up with a Kungfu air!

Best Moments with your bro:
The best memory to date was when I was in hot pursuit in a Lifesaving boat to rescue Matt along with the emergency helicopter. Back in the amateur days, he put his kite down behind the rocks at Big Bay in light wind and massive swell. Good memories !

James about to throw down something huge!

Matthew Busse
Home Town: Cape Town
Age: 17
Sponsors: Cabrinha Africa , Glider Eyewear
Years riding: 4
Favourite Trick: Backmobe
Plans for 2012: World Domination (he laughs)

Matt Busse thowing some massive loops

Describe your brother in a few words:
James has got infinite possibilities for pioneering new tricks and styles for the sport thanks to his freakish monkey strength.

Matt nailing a flat 3

Matt Busse big bay

Monkey boys