Red Bull King Of The Air 2013

With some of the World’s best international and local kiting talent, the Red Bull King Of The Air was rebooted in Big Bay on the 3rd of February 2013. With 16 invited riders and 6 local entries to go head to head in a ‘flag-out’ competition (During the heat the riders vest colours, represented by flags, are removed according to their scores whereby the top 2 advance). Ultimately the American Jesse Richman went on to claim the title, beating Nick Jacobson and and Sam Light in the final.

A judging panel including, Greg Thijsse, Susi Mai and Kiteworld Magazine editor Jim Gaunt judged the riders on their style, creativity and height of their massive jumps.

Andries Fourie was the highest advancing South African, making it to the semi-finals.


1. Jesse Richman (USA)

2. Nick Jacobsen (Denmark)

3. Sam Light (GBR)

4. Youri Zoon (Ned)

5. Andries Fourie (RSA)

6. Lewis Crathern (GBR)

7. Gianni Aragno (ESP)

8. Kevin Langeree (NED)

Images: © Bianca Asher Photography
































































































































Big Bay Sessions with Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light and Rick Jensen

Over the past few months we have been spoiled with the worlds top kiteboarders visiting our Cape Town beaches to kite some of the beast locations and conditions in the world!

Some are here to train for the upcoming season of competition, others are just here to shoot the breeze.. hang out, party, and make the most of what the mother city has to offer! So keep your eyes open on the water, you never know when you’ll be sharing a session with the 5 times world champ Aaron Hadlow, British & BKSA champ Sam Light, or Germany’s top rider Rick Jensen!

Check out the Pics Dirty Habits got of these 3 freaks during a session at Big Bay this weekend!


Aaron Hadlow

Rick Jensen

Sam Light


Rick Jensen


Aaron Hadlow


Sm Light

Heinrich Rohwer Strapless airs and 360’s

Heinrich Rohwer

Cape town Kitesurfer, Heinrich Rohwer has been a familiar name is the South African kitescene from the beggining, if he’s not busting out huge airs, big kitloops or charging big waves, he’s Jamming with his band Favela and keeping us entertained!

These days you’ll find him pushing the boundreies on whats possible to do when Surfing strapless with a kite!, landing reverse airs and other aerial surf moves assisted by a kite. This is his latest video, filmed in False bay (Strand, Betties bay and Cool bay) and he doesn’t seem to phased about sharing his spots with ‘the men in gray suits’ either!

I’ll stick to the west coast for now!


Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, James Boulding and Tom Court Latest Video

Seems these 4 British Boys make more than just a good cup a tea!! their skills are unreal! They are taking kiteboarding to new levels. Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, James Boulding and Tom Court, aren’t just ridiculously good at kiting, they are talented at Filming, editing, directing, and well not so good at driving!
Look out for them in the water this summer! Rumor has it, they going to be causing havoc in Cape Town this summer!!
Check out the latest clip from there DVD they are releasing in 2012, it’s gonna be mad!!