Nick Jacobsen a.k.a. ‘The Crane Jumper’ is Back in Cape Town for more action!!

So Nick Jacobsen is back in Cape Town!
Yes that crazy dude who climbed onto a ship with his kite and board, climbed up an industrial 40m high crane, whilst still flying his kite, put his board on his feet and boosted off of it, and thew in some loops on the way down… is back in CT for more action!

This time he has LUPAH Films with him to catch all the action! Dirty Habits has been hanging out with Nick and Louis from LUPAH films since their arrival, and trying to keep up with their crazy plans for their next 6 months in the Mother City!

Nick will be filming for his sponsors, Liquid Force, Brunotti, Pro Limit and Betsafe the video’s will also feature LF and Brunotti team rider, Graham Howes. There are some big plans and stunts coming up from Nick this summer and i can help but notice Nick eying out that rusty crane every time we drive past it! But don’t worry, Crane or no crane Nick never fails to impress, he might just be on the look out for another freeway to Megaloop over! Only Time will tell!

Here is the video of his Nicks crane jump last summer

Crane Jump from kitecentre Zanzibar on Vimeo.

And of course the road Nick megalooped over in Denmark a few years back!

Here is a commercial nick did with LUPAH films, using their remote controlled airplane to film it! Pretty sick!

Before Breakfast from LUPAH on Vimeo.

LUPAH Films is a production company that Nick and Louis started with their passion for filming and editing and watersparts! They will be taking on projects for numerous brands and kiters, so if you need any Filming or photo’s, Aerial photo footage, or similar, Contact Nick or LUPAH Films,
For more info check out LUPAH Films