Billabong XXL Monster Tube Entry – Bruce Irons

BILLABONG XXL - MONSTER TUBE ENTRY - Bruce Irons at Teahupoo by Fred Pompermayer

Bruce Irons, Teahupoo, Tahiti

Yesterday morning the Billabong Pro, Tahiti event organisers decided Chopes was too big for contestants to paddle, and said that, as the Tahitian government issued code red for the whole coast, it’d be too hard for boats to get into the channel for the live webcast. If y’think a little thing like that would stop Bruce Irons and pals from charging an intense tow-session, then think again. So intense was the swell in fact, that this wave ripped poor Brucey’s trunks off.

This Wave enters Bruce into the Billabong XXL Monster Tube award

Bruce Irons in a Monster Tube! Photo: ASP/Kirstin