Dungeons 5 August 2013

Dungeons Big wave spot Cape Town Delivered winter 2013

“As Dungeons rumbled and roared the cream of SA’s big wave surfing crew (plus Hawaiians John John Florence and Albee Layer) waxed up their big boards, stretched on their neoprene and tucked in their brass balls to tackle some of the biggest and cleanest Dungeons in ages.”- Alan van Gysen (www.zigzag.co.za)

Photo: Steve Benjamin  from Animalocean.co.za (Seal & Ocean tours Cape Town)

Steve Benjamin -check out Animal Ocean

Photo: Steve Benjamin  Animalocean.co.za


Video Produced by – AVA

Shot by – Dan Mace and Gareth Kaatze
Edited by – Gareth Kaatze
Track: It’s Going To Be Fine – Andrew Bayer