Franks Solomon’s new quiver for his upcoming big wave adventure.

big wave surfer frank solomon

Frank Solomon – Winter 2012/2013

all Images: Caleb Bjergfelt

Frank Solomon is one of the worlds biggest names in the scary game of Big Wave surfing, He has charged almost every big wave slab in the world. But the big wave season in Cape Town is over, and he’s off to chase some monster swell’s up North. Frank tells us what’s up his sleeve and whats in his board coffin for the next trip.

“Its that time of year again, the start of summer here in the Southern Hemisphere. Which means i shall be making my annual migration to the northern Hemisphere for the start of winter on the other side of the world. I am planning to spend a month in Mexico at Peurto then on to California for the big wave season at mavericks after which i gonna be off to Hawaii for the late season there. I have been working with Cape Town Shaper Dutchie this year and am super stoked with the quiver we came up with for this winter. I asked Dutch to write a small piece on each board. If you are interested in getting a high quality long lasting board check out And thanks to Caleb Bjergfelt for the epic pics.

Frank and Duchie Stickering up the 8’6

Frank and Duchie Stickering up the 8’6



Model: GALJOEN – 5’9” x 20” x 2 3/8”
A short stumpy quad fish is a alternative board design in order to put the stoke back in your grovel sessions. Plenty of volume, super fun, fast and loose. Ride approximately 6-8” shorter than regular short board. For Frank we pulled the tail in order to maintain control in the barrel, the fins are also set straighter than usual!

From 8’6 TO 5’10. how can you know be jealous of this amazing Quiver.


Model: GOLDEN GORILLA – 6’2” x 18 ¾” x 2 3/8”
A thruster short board for medium large to large surfers looking for a High Performance board that is smooth and powerful on the rail, yet quick and responsive for modern explosive surfing. More volume and outline curve than your existing pro model with a hip pulling the tail in creating control for powerful surfing on the rail, a wide tail block and extra tail rocker still allows for explosive release of the lip. Flattened rocker and deepened concave for turbo like speed. Comes standard with squash tail. This is Frank’s go to board for good running waves.

Model: AK47 – 7’2” x 19” x 2 ¾”
Semi to big guns for waves in the 8-15ft range. This is the most reliable weapon built for improved paddling and control in heavy water conditions. 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options, Quad particularly good in the barrel. Usually in the 7’0 – 8’0 range. For Frank we put some extra meat under the chest to get him early as this board is designed for 10ft plus Puerto Escondido and Pipeline.

big waves cape town

Frothing for my up coming trip and so stoked to have good boards

Model: G5 – 8’6 x 20 3/8” x 3 ¼”
The paddle in gun for giant waves in the 20ft+ range. Reliable guns built for serious waterman. Improved paddling and control in heavy water conditions. Usually in the 9’0 – 10’0 range, 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options, Quad adding stability when needed. For this particular gun that is not designed for Dungeons or Waimea bay but instead for giant Puerto Escondido, we chopped the board down to a 8’6 in order the handle the hollow curve better and fit in”

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Follow Frank Solomon over the upcoming big wave season. It’s going to be crazy.