Remi Petersen – Alaia

Alaia Surfing With Remi Petersen.

Alaia – the art of surfing a piece of handcrafted tree without fins or rocker and ‘sliding it controlled’ on the curl of the wave.

Last week Dirty Habits was in Jeffreys bay for the J-Bay pro, and as fate had it we stayed at the Dreamland Surf house right on Supertubes. It turns out the owners of this incredible house were an amazing family, one of the original surfing families to inhabit Jbay for the sole purpose of surfing the best wave in the world.

And this is exactly what they do, and very well for that fact, the older brother Remi Petersen (19) Born in Amsterdam, Holland and raised in Jbay. He is a truly inspiring human being; he was runner up in the Jbay Xcel Pro and has also worn the Dutch National Surfing crown. So when i saw him walk past our room with what looked like a front door with wax on it, I thought it might make for some good entertainment. Well fuck me was i surprised when i saw what this kid could do on this thing, but I’ll leave the rest up to you. However only a surfer can understand the true difficultly, skill and precision it takes to surf a board like this…

P.S. we filmed this video during a 45 minute session, and as rumors in J-bay have it, he surfs his alaia better it solid 6ft. but we’ll keep that for the next video.

Alaia from Dirty Habits on Vimeo.

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