Addicted to Big Air – Graham Howes

So we tried a different take on this year Red Bull King of the Air video.. Yes it’s a little deep.. a little too pretty.. and a little long.. So if you don’t like the sound of my voice skip to 1:00 mark for some big air Cape Town Action. Strong wind is what keeps me alive.

Shout our to Cedric Riom for his creative energy and difference approach to this edit.
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Red Bull King of the Air Rider Interviews

Dirty Habits crew and King of the Air riders, Graham Howes and Nick Jacobsen, decided to get into the heads of the other 22 riders with 10 ultimate questions… Including Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree

red bull king of the air rider interviews

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King of the air, rider interviews from Dirty Habits on Vimeo.

Dirty Habits crew and King of the air riders, Graham Howes and Nick Jacobsen, decided to get into the heads of the other 22 riders with 10 ultimate questions… Including Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree. Questions: What do you love about Cape Town? What do you hate about Cape Town? Blondes or Brunettes? What would you do if you won R1 000 000? What song describes your riding style? Boobs or Bums? What trick is gonna win Red Bull King of the Air? Black or white? Red Bull King of the Air Podium, excluding you? Do you ever pee sitting down? If you had to get rid of 1 sport which one would it be? Dirty Habits crew and King of the air riders, Graham Howes and Nick Jacobsen, decided to get into the heads of the other 22 riders with 10 ultimate questions… Including Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Follow us for more Dirtyness Website: intagram: @Dirtyhabitsmag Twitter: @Dirtyhabitsmag Facebook: Dirty Habits crew and King of the air riders, Graham Howes and Nick Jacobsen, decided to get into the heads of the other 22 riders with 10 ultimate questions… Including Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree. Questions: What do you love about Cape Town? What do you hate about Cape Town? Blondes or Brunettes? What would you do if you won R1 000 000? What song describes your riding style? Boobs or Bums? What trick is gonna win Red Bull King of the Air? Black or white? Red Bull King of the Air Podium, excluding you? Do you ever pee sitting down? If you had to get rid of 1 sport which one would it be? @grahamhowes @nick_jacobsen Filmed: Nick Jacobsen Edited: Koen van Herk Song: Für Hildegard von Bingen Thanks to Mystic House Cape Town Concept: @candacejaneliu @followthefish – Paul fisher Follow us for more Dirtyness intagram: @Dirtyhabitsmag Twitter: @Dirtyhabitsmag Facebook: @grahamhowes @nick_jacobsen Filmed: Nick Jacobsen Edited: Koen van Herk Song: Für Hildegard von Bingen Thanks to Mystic House Cape Town Concept: @candacejaneliu @followthefish – Paul fisher Follow us for more Dirtyness intagram: @Dirtyhabitsmag Twitter: @Dirtyhabitsmag Facebook:

Kevin Langeree Playboy shoot

Kevin Langeree can pretty much call himself a Cape Town Local, he has been spending the summers in Blouberg for longer than i can remember. He is the definition of waterman; SUP, surf, spearfish, big waves and ofcourse a world champion kiteboarder. So to get this dude to sit down for 10 minutes and ask him a few questions was a task on it’s own.

With the whole kiteboarding world moving onto riding wakeboarding boots on their kiteboards, it’s a pretty straight forward progression for your average pro wakestyle kiter. However for Kevin, it’s not that easy. If you have been lucky enough to see Kevin freeriding, you would understand, he is either doing 40ft high board-offs, riding his board one footed, riding it on his ass,  flying through the air with it under his arm, climbing a coconut tree with it or doing Jesus walks. Now tie a board to his feet and see what happens. But progression is progression, and when you are chasing a 2nd world title, that little bit more power, or more board control can mean the world of difference in a PKRA final. So lets see what he has to say about riding boots, and if it is actually ‘the way forward’.

Home Town:                Noordwijk/ Cape Town
Started riding:            Spring 2000
Top Places to Ride:  Cape Town hands down! Hawaii is really sick as well.
Favourite Moves:      All depends on the conditions but bootsing as high as possible never gets boring.
Other Dirty Habits:  Farting on airplanes feel extra good.
Gear:                               Naish Torches and Monarch 134 for freestyle and Park and global for waves.
Sponsors:                     Naish, O’Neill, G-Shock and Sinner eyewear
Twitter:                kevin_langeree
instagram:                  @kevinlangeree

dirty habits boardriding

Dirty Habits: So Kevin, we see you riding in boots now, you have always hated the idea of riding boots as it’s so restricting and style and trick. Tell us about how it lead to you riding boots?

Kevin: Yea I’ve never really liked boots cause it limits your movement. But the riding and the landings with freestyle are getting so much harder that you need a lot of control on the landings and the only way to achieve that is to ride boots.

Dirty Habits: It is a huge change for you, your whole style and energy on the water is about freedom and fun, board offs, one footers, jesus walks etc…. isn’t it frustrating having your feet locked into boots all the time now.

Kevin:  Yes it really is a big change for me and sometimes a bit frustrating but I feel that riding boots give me an other challenge. I love challenges cause they keep me motivated. But I must say that it isn’t as big as a different as I thought it would be, I actually feel pretty confident on them already. Board offs are a lot harder…

kevin langeree

Dirty Habits: Do you see yourself riding boots full time in the future, or is this a purely competition and power thing?

Kevin: For comps I’ll definitely keep riding them but I would never go on a trip without throwing a par of straps in. The cool thing about kiteboarding is that there are so many ways of riding and it doesn’t really matter if you ride boots, straps, strapless, finless, waxless ect. As long as you are having loads of fun, then that will be the only thing that matters.

dirty habits mag

Dirty Habits: The big debate is whether it is safer riding boots or not, some argue you are ‘locked in’ and more secure in boots, others say there is more risk as you are ‘stuck’ to your board on big crashes. Do you think boots has are safer and maybe better in terms of knee injuries and ankle.

Kevin: That is a pretty good question. Being locked in and not you losing your board and being stable on landing can prevent you from crashing hard. But if you crash it’s NOT really nice to have a board stuck on your feet. Boots definitely give you a better whiplash on hard crashes. I think it doesn’t really make a different whether you ride boots or straps.

kiteboard cape town

Dirty Habits: A lot of your fans will follow your footsteps and go straight out and buy boots (even if they are still learning to jump. When do you think a rider is ‘ready’ to start riding boots.

Kevin: That is hard to say… I would ride boots when every you feel comfortable enough to ride them. It took quite a while for me

kiteboarding cape town

Dirty Habits: Give us some pro’s and cons about riding boots



–  You don’t lose your board
–   Landings are more stable and soft
–   Takeoffs can be more powerful
–   No cold feet


– Limits your movement on some tricks
– Takes a while to put them on
– Your board is heavier

-No Board-offs

Dirty Habits: Ok. Lets get serious now about these Playboy bunnies, tell us about these lovely ladies who volunteered to model for this shoot in Cape Town. They put on quite a show for you.

Kevin: That was just SOOO hilarious! Haha this chick was so on it and the only thing she wanted was posing as sexy as possible. She did pretty good don’t you think! HAHA The only thing she needs to do is to bring a visit to the dentist for some new front tooth. Haha thanks for the laugh

kite milnerton

Dirty Habits: I heard the Playboy Girls you did the shoot with in Nitro City Panama were jealous that they missed out on the action.

Kevin: Yea they called me and sounded really upset… Guess the only way to make them happy is to do an other shoot with them!

Dirty Habits: You obviously will be beck in Cape Town for the summer to train and enjoy the life down here, any other plans for new movie projects, clinics or anything like that, which we can look forward to.

Kevin: Still planning some things. But I’m really looking forward on heading back to CT. That place is just magic!

sa kite mag

Dirty Habits: Lasty.. Hidden line’s movie you filmed with Eyeforce was a huge success around the world.  I’d say it was the biggest production kiteboarding has seen. Do you think we will see a Hidden lines 2? or another coloration with Nick or Youri?

Kevin: Yea it really was a big success even bigger than I had every dreamed off. I had a meeting with eyeforce a couple weeks ago and we talked about some new plans. But they will stay secret for a little. Sorry…

                Twitter: kevin_langeree
instagram: @kevinlangeree

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Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012

THE LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE has yielded 45 National Records and 6 World Records to date !!!

It has taken the Organizers almost 2 years to prepare for the 2012 event to ensure that the sport of speed sailing continues to progress and higher speeds are achieved.
A new tried and tested canal will bring new speed sailing records for both windsurfers and kitesurfers.

History of the Event – Official Average Speeds recorded over 500m :

2007 – The very first run made officially was 44 knots, and within 4 weeks 48 knots was recorded.
2008 – A dam of sandbags was built for a flatter water surface, and 50 knots was achieved.
2009 – A channel was built inside the bay for the 1st time and higher speeds were achieved in less wind (51 knots).
2010 – A new channel was built in the bay with a better angle and the top speed hit 55.6 knots.

In 2011 a huge project was undertaken to dig a canal 300 meters away from the lagoon.
The organizers held a private event, and a few select riders were invited to test the new canal. As a result of this, modifications were made which improved the speeds and safety.

Below is a short clip of French kitesurfer Alex Caizergues on a run that broke a World Speed Sailing Record with 54.10 knots, which is 100.19 km/h

Below is a extended video of Luderitz and surrounds with some action from the strip.

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2011 from ByAdrienFreville on Vimeo.

The result was faster times in less wind, and the following improvements:

  • Competitors can race anytime of the day as the canal is no longer dependent upon tide.
  • Valuable time and energy is not wasted having to beat back upwind to the start, as a shuttle is provided at the end of the speed strip.
  • The water depth is maintained throughout the length of the run, which is a requirement of the WSSRC for official ratification.

The 2012 Luderitz World Speed Sailing attempt will take place over 6 weeks:

  • Windsurfers from 5th of November to the 2nd of December
  • Kitesurfers from 3rd December to the 16th December.

Due to limited space on the shuttle vehicles that will be constantly ferrying competitors from the end of the run back to the start, the number of registrations must be limited.
For further information and registrations please contact us on

Sponsored by Dirty Habits Boardriding Magazine

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Lewis Crathern 2012 Movie

We got an email from Lewis Crathern this morning, and it’s also great hearing what he’s been up to. After Jumping over the Worthing and Brighton piers he has become a household name in the UK aswell as the rest of the world. And there is nothing greater than someone who has the chance to make a difference actually doing so.

Through his involvement within Education, Lewis has also become a prolific success away from the waterline and is currently more motivated to teach Kids about Thinking Eco & living healthy than ever before. Using his passion for the exciting sport of Kitesurfing Lewis is able to inspire the younger generation by re-living challenges he has experienced within his own life.

Crathern has also been causing a stir on the airwaves, having ventured in a new direction of Commentator/Presenter. At a time where the General Public may find ‘the most rapidly growing watersport in the world’ hard to grasp Lewis is well renowned with the ability to communicate the sport to all levels in an informative yet witty way. Lewis’s typical, energetic presence in the commentary booth or in front of the camera has resulted in many lead positions for Extreme Sport’s Event’s and TV Productions around the world.

Lewis Kitesurfing 2012 from Windmachine on Vimeo.

Below are some of the projects Lewis has been Busy with, see what he has to say and get involve.

Picnic In The Park

Picnic in The Park took place this month and the weather was great for the second year running. It’s quite an unusual event for me to attend as its based in a park in land (not where you usually find kitesurfers) but it has a great vibe and offers the public a closer look at Kitesurfing. Families come down through out the day to have a picnic and see all the different stands/exhibitions. It’s a great time for parents to talk to me about kitesurfing, they all usually like the look of it they just need a push to get out there and get some lessons! The kids love it too, I’ve learnt that a bar tied to the van is the perfect simulation for them, they really believe they are on the water kitesurfing!


I’m not a major religious man but I did go to Church in Lancing the other month for “The Blessing Of The Boats”. It’s an annual event which originally involved blessing the boats of the local fishermen. In a more modern way they blessed my kitesurf board and a local sailors Dinghy. It was moving to see a whole church of people focusing some time to care about people using the water. During the ceremony I went up the front and chatted a bit about why Lancing is a great spot for kitesurfing. My local beach I learnt to kitesurf at has the 3rd biggest Kite Club in the Country!

Last weekend I commentated/presented The Worthing International Birdman event with Dave Hunt my Local Radio Icon. Birdman is a competition for human powered flying machines that take off from a special ramp constructed on Worthing Pier. Seeing as I have some history with the Pier its fitting that I’m involved with the event sharing my flying knowledge!

There are 3 flying classes so prospective entrants can decide if they wish to be a serious aviator or want to take part for fun and raise money for charity. This event brings thousands of visitors to Worthing over the weekend (over 10,000 on Sunday!), gaining both national and international publicity. The exposure is great for me over the weekend as I’m on full screen live broadcast commentating the event to the beach. Most years are windy so I can put on a kitesurfing show for the beach however it was not to be this year but the conditions did suit the flyers well.

See me in action on the event video here and some BBC coverage here

Coming up in the next few months….

The Autumn conditions are just round the corner, the most extreme of the year – high winds and big seas I can’t wait. My schools program continues in England and I’ll be off to wales to see Steve Jones to work with some of his clients in a Clinic Based Weekend. I also have some great clinics to take in Egypt with African Space (Oct) and Morocco with Wave Riders (Nov)

Speak soon, Lew

Oswald Smith Kiteboarding in France

Oswald Smith is arguably South Africa’s top kiteboarder. he is on almost every podium for freestyle, waveriding and course racing. Ozzie recently returned from a trip to France and Holland where he competed in his 1st PKRA tour.

This video was filmed at Beauduc

Ozzie Smith:

Dirty Habits of Facebook:

Youri Zoon Interview: What Next?

The World Champ, Youri Zoon is the next generation kiteboarder, and he is on a mission for world domination! During last years PKRA, Youri won every event except 1. He landed the 1st 900 in a contest and followed shortly by landing the 1st Kiteloop 900 ever! So is he unstoppable… well it certainly looks that way. Dirty Habits was lucky enough to hang out Youri this summer in Cape Town, while he was filming a big movie with Nick Jacobsen and Kevin Langeree. So what’s on everyone’s mind after dominating the world tour? Well, the same thing that’s on ours: What Next?

Youri Jumping over a road up the West Coast

Next Trip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Venezuela for a Demo tour with Slingshot and Brunotti then loads of traveling this summer,

Next contest:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            PKRA Morocco.

Next movie we’ll see you in:
Mmm… good one, we are working on a big project that will be out mid May.

Next flight:
In about 3 hours haha… Now at Paris CDG airport and flying to Malaga and tomorrow to Venezuela.

Next big trick:
I hope i can go for the 1080 but it’s very hard! but nothing is impossible.

If ya cant beat them... film them.. good job Nick

Next song on your playlist:
J-zay & kanye west- Paris

Next big purchase:
A car or a house. It still depends on some things

Next Gadget you’ll buy:
ipad 3

Next Vacation:
When i am back home (Brouwersdam, Netherlands)

Next Meal:
Airline Lounge food

Youri zoon.. the man on a mission!!

Next car:
Really wanted to get something nice and fast.

Next photo-shoot:
In 2 days Venezuela

Next Toy:
Don’t even wanna think about toys… i wanna buy everything!!

Next visit to Cape Town:
Next winter Bru. When the time is right.

Nick Jacobsen filming Youri


Date of Birth : Dec-14-1989

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Sponsors : Slingshot, Brunotti, Javra Software,, Mystic,

Going for the money shot

Here is some more info about Youri taken from the PKRA website

Youri Zoon grew up in Holland and has been an extreme sports addict from a young age. BMX, Windsurfing, Motocross you name it, Youri has not just done it but pushed it to the limit. At age 13, Youri decided to focus exclusively on kiteboarding by joining the PKRA. 5 years ago he completed his debut year with an impressive 3rd place finish in 2006.

Mr. Zoon: Photo Nick Jacobsen

Being one of the most powerful riders on the circuit can bring with it misfortunes. In 2007 and 2008 he was seriously injured when he ripped his ACL twice and had to stop kiting for those seasons. He came back in 2009 more motivated than ever and became PKRA Vice World Champion for his first year back on the PKRA, putting a stop to any doubt held by others on his level.

Youri’s style is unique and it showed when he was one of the first to push for combos, doing one trick after an other and successfully managing four in a row at the start of his heats. His only wish is compete against Kevin Langeree, recovering from an ACL injury, and Aaron Hadlow retired for now, back on tour to prove that he’s the best kiteboarder out there.




Len10 Megaloop Challenge, Video, Pics & Results

The wind was pumping and kites were flying high as Lewis Crathern wowed the judges to win the first ever LEN10 Megaloop Challenge in Cape Town.

Crathern, from Worthing in the UK, went up against Sam Light (UK) and Gianni Aragno (ESP) in the final. “I was just stoked to have been in the final with two of my best friends. A megaloop isn’t the easiest trick because you have to try and get height while trying to get your kite as horizontal as possible. I’ve been coming to Cape Town to kiteboard for the last six years and I love it here. The people are friendly and the weather and wind conditions are perfect here,” he commented.


A megaloop isn’t the easiest trick because you have to try and get height while trying to get your kite as horizontal as possible

Brainchild of Red Bull Athlete and ‘King of the Megaloop’ Ruben Lenten, the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge saw 24 participants compete in a format new to kiteboarding competitions.  Ruben remarked: “All the riders and spectators were excited about the format which gives the guys time to pull their best moves and score high. I’m happy that such a big crowd came down to see the guys  pull some gnarly tricks and see some pretty epic wipeouts too – which is just as much part of kiteboarding as landing the trick.”

Participants were scored on the height, technique and the style in which they executed the megaloop with.
Len10 Megaloop Challenge
LEN10 Megaloop Challenge winner, Crathern and the other finalists had decided before they went out for the final to split the prize money – it wasn’t about the prize but rather spending a good day out doing what they love.  He does, however, walk away with a one-of-a-kind trophy and a photo shoot with renowned South African action sports photographer, Craig Kolesky.

Ruben Lenten is keen to bring the competition back in 2013 and throw himself into the mix. “We’re going to push the limits of kiteboarding even more.”


A slow start but after the wind finally made an appearance the riders were able to hit the waves

The riders were pulling out all the stops, holding nothing back for the imagination

Pushing themselves to the limit, the riders pulled off some massive Megaloops to see them into the next round

Big Bay was the perfect backdrop, playing tribute to the perfect day for the riders

Late into the evening the riders kept the pace going, eager to enter the final rounds of the day

A great turnout and loads of support throughout the day and a very exciting finish

Congrats to Lewis Crathern for the win, but an extended congratulations to all the riders who took part in a stunning display of bravery and talent


Thanks to Craig Kolesky & Redbull for these sick images

all image copyright (c) Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool



Big Bay Sessions with Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light and Rick Jensen

Over the past few months we have been spoiled with the worlds top kiteboarders visiting our Cape Town beaches to kite some of the beast locations and conditions in the world!

Some are here to train for the upcoming season of competition, others are just here to shoot the breeze.. hang out, party, and make the most of what the mother city has to offer! So keep your eyes open on the water, you never know when you’ll be sharing a session with the 5 times world champ Aaron Hadlow, British & BKSA champ Sam Light, or Germany’s top rider Rick Jensen!

Check out the Pics Dirty Habits got of these 3 freaks during a session at Big Bay this weekend!


Aaron Hadlow

Rick Jensen

Sam Light


Rick Jensen


Aaron Hadlow


Sm Light

Video: Africa 2011 ICL (Cable and Kite)

Ian Curry Lindahl from Brussels, Belgium paid us yet another visit in Cape Town this summer!
Juggling his time between Blue rock Cable Park, and Blouberg, kite beach, he sure as hell got his money’s worth of his short 10 day stop over! Can’t wait till the next trip!

Africa 2011 ICL from ICL on Vimeo.

Dirty Habits Wishing you A Epic Christmas And a Dirty New Year!

Looks like Santa Ditched the sled and hooked himself up for the Cape Town Deliveries!

Watch out for him Soaring over you chimneys this Christmas!

Dirty HAbits, Brunotti Boards, Liquid Force, CTI and Graham Howes Sending out the Nastiest Christmas Wishes for all Hooligans out there! Be Safe and keep it Dirty!!!

Kiting Santa

Graham 'Santa' Howes

Photo’s: Brotherly Love With James and Matt Busse

When 2 kids that don’t have enough fluff on there faces to qualify for Movember, pull up to the beach in a pimping Hummer. You wouldn’t expect to meet 2 more humble, polite and kind guys! James has just finished matric, so he has way too much time on his hands. So I rounded up James and his younger brother Matthew, tried to get them to put some boardies on and got them in the water! It’s great to see brotherly love on the water, sharing the stoke and having fun!

Both these kids were pulling some new tricks out of the bag and it is going to be a very interesting summer of Competition with James on the SAKT. Not only focusing on his technical tricks but he’s pulling them off with style and loads of power!

James busse Blind judge

James Busse
Home Town: The Mother City
Age: 18
Sponsors: Cabrinha – South Africa
Years riding: 4 years
Favourite Trick: A megaloop with a late backroll with a one foot board-off with a downloop. boom!

James with a solid slim chance

Plans for 2012:I want to do the best I can in all the South African kiting events and hopefully compete in some events abroad. I will be teaching kiting for a few months and I am going to start flying aircraft sometime next year which I can’t wait for. Most importantly I want to be happy and keep the AMP UP! As long as I have a smile on my face, I’m doing it right.

James Busse with a huge handle pass

Describe your brother in a few words?
Matt is an excellent kiter and has a lot of potential. It’s  best kiting with him especially laughing off all the big bails and fails that we make.

Mixing it up with a Kungfu air!

Best Moments with your bro:
The best memory to date was when I was in hot pursuit in a Lifesaving boat to rescue Matt along with the emergency helicopter. Back in the amateur days, he put his kite down behind the rocks at Big Bay in light wind and massive swell. Good memories !

James about to throw down something huge!

Matthew Busse
Home Town: Cape Town
Age: 17
Sponsors: Cabrinha Africa , Glider Eyewear
Years riding: 4
Favourite Trick: Backmobe
Plans for 2012: World Domination (he laughs)

Matt Busse thowing some massive loops

Describe your brother in a few words:
James has got infinite possibilities for pioneering new tricks and styles for the sport thanks to his freakish monkey strength.

Matt nailing a flat 3

Matt Busse big bay

Monkey boys




Blouberg Beach Clean up – Saterday 17 – 10:00

For All the Cape Town Kiteboarders, Surfers, boogie boarders, beach goers!
Rugby starts at 8am so beach clean up starts around 10am – got some funky prizes to handout afterwards
Ripcurl has sponsored T-shirts, caps, and 6 Backpacks. Some Pick n Pay vouchers up for grabs too.

Meet at the Beach in front of the KFC

No One Likes a Dirty Beach!!!!

VIDEO: Aaron Hadlow Nails the 1st 900 on a kite, Check it! Boom

Here is the final episode of the 900 series, this time Aaron headed to Derde Stein, A wave spot in Cape Town, but on this day the kickers seems to be firing at the perfect size.
Ruben Lenten and Lewis Crathern went along to see if Aaron could manage it, there was a lot of riding around and searching but some absolute belters came through, and that’s all you need!