VIDEO: Capetown 2012 – Stefan Spiessberger

Stefan Spiessberger escapes the cold European winter and heads to Cape Town for some of the best kiteboarding conditions in the world, and we call this place home!

Capetown 2012 – Stefan Spiessberger from Stefan Spiessberger on Vimeo.

Summing up 3 months of winter training in Capetown/South Africa in the beginning of 2012. Probably the best place to spend the european winter!

Camera: Limitless Media Productions

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VIDEO: Suit Days at Home – Alex Pastor

Suit Days at Home – Alex Pastor from Alex Pastor on Vimeo.

Shot in Tarifa during 3 days in this winter.
I usually travel somewhere warm during the off season but after so many years travelling non stop I decided I would give my homespot a try, so I could spend some time at home and enjoy the good things of it. I was really surprised with how good the conditions were. This was definitely a really good choice.

Shot and edited by Andre Magarao
song: Moby – Flower

VIDEO: Bas Koole, Ride to Enjoy

RIDE TO ENJOY a Bas Koole film.

“I’ve been riding since mid 2003 and the most important thing that I learned is that you need to enjoy every minute that you’re on the water. So ride to enjoy.”

RIDE TO ENJOY | Bas Koole from Bas Koole on Vimeo.

Bas Koole

Camera: and
Additional camera:


Labrinth – Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah

Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, James Boulding and Tom Court Latest Video

Seems these 4 British Boys make more than just a good cup a tea!! their skills are unreal! They are taking kiteboarding to new levels. Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, James Boulding and Tom Court, aren’t just ridiculously good at kiting, they are talented at Filming, editing, directing, and well not so good at driving!
Look out for them in the water this summer! Rumor has it, they going to be causing havoc in Cape Town this summer!!
Check out the latest clip from there DVD they are releasing in 2012, it’s gonna be mad!!