Ruben Lenten pulling Huge megaloops in Bindings 35knot +

So Ruben Lenten is back on the water and going huge once again after his ankle injury.
He has been working on new Othopedic Wakeboard boots to support his ankle…
but somehow I don’t think his Doctor thought he’d be using them for Crazy Megaloops in 40knot winds,
If anyone has ever done a megaloop, you’ll know how important it is to get that board off of your feet when sh*% hits the fan!! Well i guess he’s not to bothered!
Check these photo’s Stefan Van Der Kamp got while Ruben was testing out his new boots at the Spot in Holland.

Ruben Lenten at his home spot in Holland

Ruben Lenten Going Big In Boots!

Ruben Lenten... Storm Chaser!

For the Rest of the Photo’s check out Stefan Van Der Kamp

Ruben Lenten: S-Loop… what next… This guy is not well in the head!!!

In case you don’t quite get the concept of a S-Loop…Red bull athlete, Ruben (nut-head) Lenten, Boosts about 30ft up in gale force winds, on his way up he sends the kite toward the ground, getting himself level with the kite, (accelerating him toward the ground).. as the kite returns upwards to catch him, he then sends it back to the ground for a 2nd death loop… this shit is unheard of in kiteboarding and could be compared to Travis Pistrana Landing the 1st Double Back-flip, with consequences as gnarly! with the forces put on his hear in these wind conditions, if any of his gear had to malfunction he would be catapulting into the ground from unheard of heights!
So the question is… what crazy shit can this Daredevil think of Next?
Big ups Ruben!