Awakening: Cape Town crew vs Joburg crew.


The Cape Town wakeboarding crew put out a challenge to the Jozi crew…the best edit will win bragging rights! The edit needed to showcase the lives of the guys & gals in SA who love to spend their AWAKE time riding.  Driven by a passion to find water, and use it in innovative, somewhat crazy ways….the 2 clips are the results of their collective sessions, from the Mother City to The City of Gold.

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Cape Town Vid.

Joburg Vid


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SA Pro Wake Tour stop 2 – Results and Pics


Malibu Pro Wakeboard/Wakeskate Tour Stop 2, took place this weekend in PE.

The boys and girls had to step up there game for this event. There are 3 tour stops this season and the riders are fighting for a spot on the SA team to represent our country at the Worlds in Korea later this year. “Selection is based on their overall score for the season”

Dylan Mitchell – Whirlybird


Pro Men: (Final) Sat Score Sun Score
1 Dylan Mitchell 65 78
2 Shaun Faccio 80 77
3 Ryan Durham 62 76.6
4 Andrew Bourne 50 45

Ryan Durhan KGB


Junior Men: (Final) Sat Score Sun Score
1 Marius Labuschagne 65 55
2 Jason Telfourd 50 40
3 Stuart Gutridge 57 30
4 Astin Owen 20 29
5 Travis Pienaar 58 25
6 Keenan Pilley 55 24

Shaun Faccio – Slim Chance


Masters: ( Final) Sat Score Sun Score
1 Jono Joseph 60 60
2 Darryn Ridgway 58 55
3 Carl Franz 30 28
4 Robert “Speed Ball” Brighton 11 11
5 Johan Klumm 10 10

Andrew Bourne sliding past the Nelson Mandela staduim

Open WAKESKATE: Sat Score Sun Score
1 Mattie Buys 55 78
2 Dylan Mitchell 56 75
3 Dale Nieuwstad 29 55
4 Brandon Stuart 21 50
5 Austin Stuart 20 45
6 Sean Bacon 30 38
7 Bryan Loggenberg 20.5 20


Ladies: (Final) Sat Score Sun Score
1 Melissa Colborne 58 60
2 Candice Bacon 50 50
3 Deidre Van Niekerk 49 25
4 Courtny Scholtz 30 18
5 Nadine Claassen 18 16
6 Astin Samson 16 15
7 Carmen Samson 10 14


Open Men: (Final) Sat Score Sun Score

1 Wian Marais 60 75
2 Shaun Meredith 50 40
3 Brydon Webster LCQ’s 38
4 Ryan Goddard LCQ’s 25
5 Marc Abrey 42 20
6 Bryan Weldrick 30 17

Huge Thanks to the sponsors of the 2013 Malibu SAPWT 2,

• Malibu Boats-22 MXZ.
• Boating International.
• Monster Energy.
• Leisure Boating.
• BMW Financial Services.
• Penny Pinchers.
• Mr Screw.
• Eastern Cape Powerboat Club.
• South African Wakeboard Association.
• Tich Mitchell, Laurence Gutridge, Jono Josephs, Judges.
• Kretz Marine-Jetski. –Carl Kretzman & Mark.
• Warric & Anzel Claasen
• Roland Du Preez.
• Barman & Food.
• Ronald Weizman.
• Gardmed-Paramedics.
• R500 Cash (Mr Skrew)

2013 CASA Cable Tour kick off this month.

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January 2013 will see a crew of the country’s most dedicated cable wake-boarders & skaters, gathering at StokeCity WakePark  in Midrand, to kick off the 2013 CASA Cable Wake Tour.

The action will take place from 3pm on Saturday with the qualifiers for all the divisions taking place.  The days riding will close at 7pm, with an after-party to celebrate the start of the 2013 season.  Sunday 1pm will see all rider’s competing in the finals, and winners will be crowned at the prize-giving at 5pm.

Riding will be of a high-standard this year, with the SA Team that returned from the 2012 Cable Wakeboard Worlds, held in the Phillipines in November last year all competing, including Justin Selby who placed 3rd in the Master’s division, bringing home a bronze medal for South Africa.

StokeCity WakePark is a fantastic venue for the event, offering spectators ample seating with a fully stockerd bar and restaurant.  The rider’s will have their pick of obstacles, with a total of  6 obstacles;  2 x kickers, wedge, rooftop, flatbar and NEW 15m flatbar.

StokeCity WakePark, cnr R562 & Olifantsfontein Road, Glen Austin, Midrand,

Monster Energy king of the rail comp

It was a busy weekend for the SA wakeboard community, with 2 huge rail events going down, The Bronks Rail Smash up in Joburg

and the Monster Energy King of The Rail – indoor wakeboard comp at the Cape Town International Boat Show.

Monster had a crazy set-up at in the Cape Town Convention Center, with the 1st indoor pool setup hosting a 16m Rooftop rail,

and a 15m A-Frame rail between 2 inflatable (shallow) pools.

As always we saw some of the best wakeboarders in SA throwing down some impressive tricks, and it turned out to be a fun jam session with a bunch of mates pushing their limits.

Lets hope to see some more demo’s like this around Cape Town this summer!


Rider: Marius Labuschagne       Photo: Claire Butler
Rider: Dean Trollip Photo: Claire Butler
Sick Setup
















Rider: Gregor Reichmuth Photo: Claire Butler

Rider: Craig Trollip Photo: Claire Butler
Rider: Craig Eygenberger Photo: Claire Butler
Rider: Craig Eygenberger Photo: Claire Butler
Rider: Marius Labuschagne Photo: Claire Butler

Rider: Gregor Reichmuth Photo: Claire Butler

Rider: Jacques Labuschagne Photo: Claire Butler















Photographer: Claire Butler


Facebook Page:



Rider: Gregor Reichmuth  Photo: Che Overmeyer


Rider:  Marius Labuschagne          Photo: Che Overmeyer    


Rider:  Francois du Toit          Photo: Che Overmeyer    

Photographer: Che Overmeyer Photography

Facebook Page: Che Overmeyer Photography


Photographer: Claire Butler


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Thanks to Moster Energy Sa

and Andrew Bourne for a sick event

Sa’s Dylan Mitchelle has a set with Danny Harf… The Lengend

Dylan Mitchelle SA pro wakeboarder is in the USA training and competing on the American Pro Wakeboard Tour.
He is riding with some of the best guys in the world, pushing his level and adding some big tricks to his repertoire.

This was he had to say about his about the latest session and the 1st stop of the American Pro Wakeboard Tour.

“We all had a little 15 minute shred at Trevor’s the other day. Danny Harf joined us, which was awesome. have a look see!

Got to see Danny Harf ride yesterday. even though his knee is still quite fragile he absolutely killed it. hopefully I’ll edited a quick little one of all of us riding together.

So this past weekend (18th-19th) Acworth will hosted the first stop of the American Pro Wakeboard tour, I can safely say I was both nervous as hell and excited.

I headed up there road trip style with Trevor Hansen, Parker Siegle, Massi Piffaretti, Gunner Daft and Ryan Anderson. The trip there took us about six hours, but it was a fun lengthy drive with good tunes, enough jokes to go around and good company. We left on Thursday midday and got there in the evening on Friday with enough time to check out the competition site and register. Gunner, Massi, Parker and myself were competing in the junior pro men division while Ryan Anderson was entered into Pro Men. After that we checked into our hotel, the Econolodge for a good nights rest.

Friday saw the qualifying rounds take place, and once again it was cut throat. The heats were stacked in Junior Pro men with 6 heats of 5 riders each and the top two riders advancing to a 12 man semifinal. I was in placed in the second heat along with my friends, Gunner Daft and Massi Piffaretti, as well as rippers, Mike Dowdy, and Keenan Allen. I was first off the dock in my heat. I had fun but was disappointed with my ride. Mastercraft debuted their new x-star for the first time and I didn’t quite know what to expect edging in for my first trick, but knew I’d have to throw down in order to make it through. I fell on my second trick (a kgb) which was frustrating but I decided to put it behind me and comeback to it later, I felt I slid well, but was still nervous about falling on my second trick and feeling the pressure, I felt I had to lay some hammers in to compensate, next up was a heelside 720 followed by a crow mobe 5 which I unfortunately also fell on. That rounded off my first pass. So two falls in my first pass and only one hammer to show for it. My second pass started off with a big worm into a moby dick , followed by a decent rail hit. Here I felt I needed the crow 5 in order to put any pressure on the rest of my heat so I decided to give it another go. Unfortunately I fell again and that was it for me. The rest of my heat killed it. Every rider had at least one seven in their pass. Mike, and Gunner both had 9’s.

Got to see Danny Harf ride yesterday. even though his knee is still quite fragile he absolutely killed it. hopefully I’ll edited a quick little one of all of us riding together.


The level of competition over here is very high, but I guess you learn something from every competition experience. I had fun and learned to keep a cool head and that sometimes a clean pass, that is not jam packed with hammers, can do better than one with a few hammers and unnecessary falls.

Either way, Mike and Massi qualified first and second respectively to advance to semi’s where Massi unfortunately just got edged out of competition and Mike went on to win the event.

The rest of the tour stop was a great experience. Watching the Junior Pro Men division compete was almost as intense as the Pro Men division. The format of competition for Junior Pro men definitely seems more cut throat with only 4 riders making it to the finals compared to Pro men’s 6 finalists. It was sick.

Hopefully I’ll have some more things to tell you guys soon!”

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SA wakeboard and wakeskate

This weekend the Angry Spider Pro Tour Stop 3 / South African Open Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championship went down at Rietvlei (Cape Town). South Africa’s top wakeboarders and wakeskaters came to throw it down for a spot on the podium. Well they definetly did not dissapoint and the level that these guys are riding at was unreal,Check out the Results and some sweet pics captured by Eugene Van Der Elst


Pro Men: Final

1 Dylan Mitchell 70 83
2 Ryan Durham 29 73
3 Andrew Bourne 48 69
4 Cameron Graham 47 60
5 Justin Mitri 32 58

WakeSkate Pro Final

1 Moritz Gruter 75 48
2 Dale Nieustad LCQ 41.2
3 Chris Rodgers 56 33.3
4 Dylan Mitchell 65 33
5 Darren Turner LCQ 31
6 Felix Gruter 55 20


Masters Final

1 Jonathan Joseph 65 50
2 Darryn Ridgway 41 49
3 Kosie Van Heerden 20 0

Boys: (10-15) Final

1 Kai Brockman 35 45
2 Keenan Pilley 30 36
3 Jaque Labuschne 40 35
4 Chris Colborne 22 30
4 Jaque Labuschne 5 30
6 Andrew Kofahl 5 14

Junior Men: 15 – 18 Final

1 Stuart Gutridge 48 47.5
2 Leighten Barnard 50 45
3 Astin Owen 35 33
4 Byron Brett 34 26
5 Bruce Strydom 20 23

Ladies: Final

1 Melissa Colborne 50 55
2 Courtney Scholtz 35 28
3 Jess Joseph 34 25

Open Division – Men Final

1 Craig Eygenburger 50 53
2 Nick Larsen 35 32
3 Marc van Cuyck 26 31.5
4 Robert Vanlierde 25 31
5 Julio Ramos 15 23
6 Kieron Dunn 24.8 15

Novice: ( Boys & Girls No Age Group)

1 Willaim van Niekerk 35 40
2 Marius labuschne 32 38
3 Mathew Nordoff 22 28
4 Dan Pitman 20 21
5 Trevor Clegon LCQ 19
6 Cobyn Pond 18 15
7 Adrian Haantjes LCQ 15
8 Damian Botha 15 10

Wakeskate: Novice Final

1 Brandon Stuart 32 44
2 Jess Neiuwstad 50 43.8
3 Kai Brockman 29 41
4 Austin Stuart 35 30
5 Sean Bacon 55 29
6 Austin Owen 31 20
7 David Le Roux 33 18
8 Simon Koty 26 11
9 Rory Johnstone 25 10

Event Sponcors:

Angry Spider Wakeboards.
Boating International.
Malibu Boats.
Monster Energy.
Leisure Boating.
Club Marine Insurance.
Sport Unlimited.
Go Pro.
Milnerton Aquatic Club-Cape Town.

Check out the Rest of the Pics from this epic event snapped by

Eugene Van Der Elst Photography