Dylan Mitchelle shredding in the USA

If you own a wakeboard and live in South Africa, chances are you know exactly who Dylan Mitchelle is.
Well if you don’t, you shouldn’t be allowed to ride behind a boat! He’s a Cape Town local who’s been cleaning up at all the SA wakeboaring tour stops, and he kills it on a wakeskate to! But as natural progression goes, to be the best you have to go against the best. And the USA and Europe is where he has gone to take his riding to the next level. It’s a long shot going abroad to ride with the big boys, but when you land a Big Worm 7 (Toeside frontroll w/frontside 720) in your 2nd week, I guess it kinda pays off!

Check his Latest Video from the states riding with Trevor Hansen and Massi Piffaretti, don’t miss the Big worm 7 at the end!

From Dylan’s Blog

“First Video from the states!

i spent the last two days at Trevor Hansen’s house and got to shred a bunch of big wake with him and Massi Piffaretti which was awesome cause i think we pushed each other a little bit.

America has been Awesome so far, this past week a lot went down, although not all of it was spent riding as a front decided to pull through the whole of last week so the weather wasn’t playing fair at all. We had a few rainy and cold days and the wind has been reminding me of Cape Town! But other than that it was still eventful.

A photographer, Chris West came over to Dieter’s house to shoot Marc Kroon and myself, which was good fun and an awesome experience. After that I joined the Kroon brothers Nils and Mark as we went to downtown Windermere to enjoy some ice cream from Allen’s Creamery, the place had some awesome flavours (the bubblegum flavour had chunks of bubble gum in it and there was a cotton candy flavour) – it was pretty sick.

This Past weekend saw the Byerly Toe Jam take place, the first Wakeskate only event of the Season here in the US and at the same time the first stop of the Wakeskate Tour. Deter entered both boat and winch and killed it in both, but unfortunately just got edged out of both finals. The level was crazy high, with Wake to wake bigspins, 360’s and late shuvs being a standard trick for any pass behind the boat. The winch part was also very impressive. ( I am aware that this might sound very confusing) Andrew Pastura got a frontside 270 shove into a backboard on the flatbar into a bs 270 shove frontboard backside 90 out down the handrail. Ben Horan also killed it with a bs nose slide bs 270 shove out into a back tailslide shove out down the handrail. Austin Pastura took top honours with a bs tailslide 90 shove out into a fs tailslide front bigspin out.

it was an awesome event with a great vibe.

let’s see what the next week in America has in store for me!”

Dyl’s blog