Windsurfer Breaks 50 knots

windsurfer breaks 50 knots

Anders Bringdal is the first windsurfer to exceed the 50 knots over 500 metres. The new world speed windsurfing mark was set at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

Speed windsurfers are absolutely fired up, as the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge blows world records, day after day. Antoine Albeau started strong, Anders Bringdal accelerated and Cédric Bordes reached 49.66 knots.

But it was the Swedish windsurfer who managed to plant the flag in the Namibian speed strip, after a few fast runs and will to beat his closest rivals. Bringdal marked 50.41 knots and then 50.46 knots. Antoine improved the record immediately after with 50.59 knots.

Now that the 50 knots frontier is broken, windsurfers will try to reduce the distance to kiteboarders. The fastest ever record is owned by Rob Douglas, the North American speed kiteboarder, with 55.65 knots. In the way, there’s the 100 km/h (53.99 knots) challenge.

Zara Davis improved the female world speed windsurfing record with the incredible mark of 44.69 knots. She had a high speed crash fter the finish line on her following run, and was sent to hospital with injuries to her face. The British sailor was competing head-to-head with the male fleet.

The 500-metre record is not the maximum velocity record. Anders Bringdal is an experienced windsurfer and was part of the Liberty Team, which won the 1998 TransAtlantic Windsurf Race.

anders bringdal 50 knots windurfing

Anders Bringdal the 1st man to 50 knots windsurfing over 500m

50 knots windsurf

While the boys wait for the strong wind tomorrow, they played on their tandem windsurfer

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012

THE LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE has yielded 45 National Records and 6 World Records to date !!!

It has taken the Organizers almost 2 years to prepare for the 2012 event to ensure that the sport of speed sailing continues to progress and higher speeds are achieved.
A new tried and tested canal will bring new speed sailing records for both windsurfers and kitesurfers.

History of the Event – Official Average Speeds recorded over 500m :

2007 – The very first run made officially was 44 knots, and within 4 weeks 48 knots was recorded.
2008 – A dam of sandbags was built for a flatter water surface, and 50 knots was achieved.
2009 – A channel was built inside the bay for the 1st time and higher speeds were achieved in less wind (51 knots).
2010 – A new channel was built in the bay with a better angle and the top speed hit 55.6 knots.

In 2011 a huge project was undertaken to dig a canal 300 meters away from the lagoon.
The organizers held a private event, and a few select riders were invited to test the new canal. As a result of this, modifications were made which improved the speeds and safety.

Below is a short clip of French kitesurfer Alex Caizergues on a run that broke a World Speed Sailing Record with 54.10 knots, which is 100.19 km/h

Below is a extended video of Luderitz and surrounds with some action from the strip.

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2011 from ByAdrienFreville on Vimeo.

The result was faster times in less wind, and the following improvements:

  • Competitors can race anytime of the day as the canal is no longer dependent upon tide.
  • Valuable time and energy is not wasted having to beat back upwind to the start, as a shuttle is provided at the end of the speed strip.
  • The water depth is maintained throughout the length of the run, which is a requirement of the WSSRC for official ratification.

The 2012 Luderitz World Speed Sailing attempt will take place over 6 weeks:

  • Windsurfers from 5th of November to the 2nd of December
  • Kitesurfers from 3rd December to the 16th December.

Due to limited space on the shuttle vehicles that will be constantly ferrying competitors from the end of the run back to the start, the number of registrations must be limited.
For further information and registrations please contact us on

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