Big Wave surfer rescued while she floats face down.

So we know that you male surfers out there are a little rusty when i comes to remembering names, and often associate a ‘surfer’ with her ‘bottom turn’ So we thought we would help you out in identifying the Big Wave surfer who drowed and was resucitated at the Big Wave spot in Portugal today.

Picture: Francesco Carrozzini - ESPN

Picture: Francesco Carrozzini – ESPN

Red Bull Big Wave surfer, Maya Gabeira took off on the biggest wave of her life today at Nazare in Portugal and ended up with a reportedly 70ft foamy on the head. Maya and her town partner, Carlos Burle attemped to rescue her several times while she floated face down in between monster waves. after finally jumping from his ski,  to get her to the beach and performed CPR. Maya soon recovered her consciousness and was taken to a hospital.




Video of Maya’s Big wave crash

Video of the Day at Nazare, some of the biggest waves ever surfed