Ultimate X 2012 pics and results

Alastair Sayer rocking Ultimate X 2012

Ultimate X 2012 went down with a bang! If you were there, you would have been lucky enough to see the Best Exteme athletes from around the country throwing down there best tricks in contension for the Ultimate X Gold and ofcourse the fat cheque  to put in there back pocket!

Wakeboarding went down like this:

1st Gregor Reichmuth

2nd Devon Nassiff

3rd Craig Eygenberger

Gregor Reichmuth, Winner of the Ultimate X Wakeboarding


Craig Eygenberger


Devon Nassif taking 2nd at the Ultimate X

Craig Eygenberger

Gregor Reichmuth

Craig E


Nick De Wit going Large!

Sick Nick De Wit

Kyle Hecht-Wendt.


Gregor Reichmuth

Image Copy Right Dirtyhabits.org – Graham Howes

Extra Images by ishot Images – Jon Meinking


Pics From The 2011 Ultimate X

Some Pictures Of the Wakeboarders shredding the rails at the 2011 Ultimate X, This event has the best Names of SA Wakeboarding, including Dylan Mitchell, Devon Nassif, and even a special guest, 5 times kiteboarding world champ, Aaron Haldow!

Dylan Mitchell

Devon Nassif


Aaron Hadlow

Craig Eygenberger

Aaron Hadlow, 5 times world champion

Aaron Hadlow, Redbull rider

Dylan Mitchell