Wake Selfie – The quest for the ultimate selfie

dirty habits playground

Day at the Dirty Habits Playground with wakeboarders, Dylan Mitchell and Graham Howes in an attempt to capture the ultimate selfie while flying through the air while wake boarding and wake skating

Day at the Dirty Habits Playground from Dirty Habits on Vimeo.

At the Dirty Habits Playground – wake park in Cape Town.

Info on the Dirty habits Playground – http://dirtyhabits.org/dirtyhabitsplayground/ 


Graham Howes: @grahamhowes

Dylan Mitchell – @dylmitchell

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Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw & Jimmy La Riche in Africa

The Past couple a days have been a mind shocker. StokeCity WakePark just through a massive wakeboarding event; Ticket2Ride

Liquid Force South Africa & Hyperlite South Africa brought out 3 of the worlds most legit wakeboarders to ride the comp and Stoke City Cable Park.

Photos: Bianca Asher Photography

Words & some pics: Dirty Habits Boardriders Magazine


Kevin Henshaw. Photo: Bianca Asher

Kevin Henshaw. Photo: Bianca Asher


While the boys from Orlando where here, they came to visit Dirty Habits and The Cape Town Liquid force/ Hyperlite team. I somehow don’t think they knew what they were in for when the booked their tickets.

What was meant to be a week of sipping cocktails on Table Mountain turned into a week of Great white shark diving, penguin chasing, lion hugging , car ramping, firework banging and table smashing shenanigans. It all went surprising smooth, considering these boys were under the same roof for a week. Well… apart from Kevin setting Jimmy’s face and hair alight in the bar with an toilet aerosol can. Not to forget Watson getting the Dirty Habits truck stuck on an traffic island and us having to dig it out for 45mins at 4am. Luckily for Kevin, he escaped with 4 boxes a pizza hot and left us to deal with the cops.


Shawn Watson, Craig Egynburger & Graham Howes were responsible for this grand finale.

Shawn Watson, Craig Egyenburger & Graham Howes were responsible for this grand finale. thank to Liquid Force CT


The fact that we were all sleep deprived and the guys probably accumulated 19 hours of sleep over 6 days didn’t help much. Luckely for Jarrod from LF who dropped 4k on professional fireworks for our private beach display, helped Craig Egyenburger and myself keep their eyes  wide open for another night. Totally epic week though and what a bunch of legends. Looking forward to their next trip to Africa to finish up the Cape Town bucket list.


Jimmy La Riche.  Photo: Bianca Asher

Jimmy La Riche. Photo: Bianca Asher


Jimmy La Riche filming Kevin Henshaw Photo: Bianca Asher

Jimmy La Riche filming Kevin Henshaw Photo: Bianca Asher


Shawn Watson session after shark diving

Shawn Watson session after shark diving


Shawn Watson  photo: Bianca Asher

Shawn Watson photo: Bianca Asher


Liquid force Cape Town put on a huge display for the boys. Photo: Bianca Asher

Shawn Watson and the LF & Dirty Habits crew lit up the sky. Thanks to Liquid Force. Photo: Bianca Asher


Instagram: @shawnmwatson

Instagram: @shawnmwatson



About to hop in the water with some big ass Great White Sharks



Craig Egyenburger filming Jimmy. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Craig Egyenburger filming Jimmy. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Kevin warming up. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Kevin warming up. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

wakeboard magazine


Dirty Habits showing the boys some ocean wild life

Dirty Habits showing the boys some ocean wild life


Jimmy La Riche

Jimmy La Riche


Kevin Henshaw Instagram: @kevinhenshaw

Shawn Watson instagram: @shawnmwatson

Jim La Riche instagram:  @jim_shot_it

Liquid Force South Africa
Hyperlite South Africa
StokeCity WakePark
Monter energy


Bianca Asher Photography

  Liquid Force / Dirty Habits

Dirty Habits and the crew will be releasing a movie of the boys trip to Africa, so follow us to stay tuned for more action:

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CASA Wake Tour Stop 1 (Stokecity)

Stokecity, Johannesburg played host to the first stop of the CASA Wake Tour this past weekend.

Photos: Bianca Asher Photography



Junior Men:

1st Jeaunu du Plooy

2nd Marius Labuschagne

3rd Jacques Labuschagne


1st Melissa Colborne

2nd Candice Bacon

3rd LeeAnne Louw















Pro Men:

1st Jason Colbourne

2nd Ryan Durham

3rd Dom Reichmuth














Wake Skate:

1st Darren Turner

2nd Matti Buys

3rd Kyle Holtzhauzen













Open Men:

1st Kaylib Louw

2nd Brad Morris

3rd Jacques Scheepers


1st Perfect Dube

2nd Brad Morris

3rd Wesley Scheepers



Wakeboarding with Smoke Flares and Flashes

Flares and Flashes.

After seeing Bruce Irons in a glowing barrel with flares strapped to his board, we’ve been dying to strap some onto a wakeboard. The only problem is at R250 a flare (that last 30 seconds) and a photographer sitting on a boat in pitch darkness, 200m away; the logistics become a night mare.

We headed to Blue Rock Cable Park with one of Cape Towns best Photographers, Bianca Asher and a Nice Budget from Liquid Force Cape Town and ofcourse some of the best cable riders in CT. Bianca Managed to get these amazing images in a very limited 1 hour window. We are all stoked with the outcome and the surreal experience.

Cape Town Cable wakeboarders: Craig Eygenberger, Gregor Reichmuth, Sky Keller, Graham Howes, Candice Bacon, Sean Bacon, Craig Howes, Hjalmar Larsen, Nick Cattelan,

After all it was a proper shot in the dark… literally

Thanks to LiquidForce Cape Town, Bianca Asher Photography, Blue Rock Waterski.


Gregor Reichmuth



Craig Eygenberger

Craig Eygenberger



Candice Bacon



Graham Howes


Craig Eygenberger


dirty habits


Graham Howes – Dirty Habits CEO


Gregor Reichmuth


Sky Keller


Candice Bacon Flaring


Sean Bacon


Craig fully flared


Sky Keller Christ Air


Bianca Asher Photography

Bianca Asher Photography


Blue Rock Cable Park

Blue Rock Cable Park


sky keller

sky keller


graham howes

Graham Howes


Candice Bacon

Candice Bacon

Liquid Force Cape Town:  https://www.facebook.com/LiquidForceCT

Bianca Asher Photography: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bianca-Asher-Photography/307937012556782

Dirty Habits Boardriding Mag : www.facebook.com/Dirtyhabitsmagazine

Blue Rock Cable Parkhttps://www.facebook.com/brw.waterski




PALLETS – Wake video

So you thought you’d need a ton of cash to build mean kickers and rails… well, it turns out that you just need to be a Badass rider and smash some old stacked up wooden pallets… like a boss!

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/51081408?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/51081408″>PALLETS</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user654019″>Andrew Adams</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>







Winter Rail Sessions: Jason Colborne, Gregor & Dominik Reichmuth.

The South African wake scene definitely quiets down in the winter months, but the die-hards, the pro’s and the wannabe’s will be on the water come rain or shine.

Winter is wet, cold and windy, but perfect for them as it keeps the crowds away, which keeps the ques short and the water glassy; every riders dream. Here’s the latest video of Jason Colborne, Gregor & Dominik Reichmuth making the most of winter.

Winter Rail Sessions – 2012 from Jason Colborne on Vimeo.

“So I was injured all summer and finally got back onto the water during winter, been hitting allot of rails to get back into it. My sister and brother got cameras so I could finally film some of our shredding, so here is a little edit I put together of the footage we been taking at our local spot Blue Rock – South Africa.”

Sponsor: HYPERLITE South Africa – wakeboards.co.za/

Jason Colborne
Gregor Reichmuth
Dominik Reichmuth

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Tom Fooshee From Above

This is what you get when you take Tom Fooshee, one of the best wakeboarders in the world (2010 wakeboard world champ) and a helicopter! Wakeboarding in Lake Placid, Texas.
Pump up the Volume, put the HD On and enjoy

Wakeboarder: Tom Fooshee
Cut by: Attack & Release
Music: This Will Destroy You / Gold Panda