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Photo: STVii Photography

Photography: STVii Photography

Dirty Habits team rider Ian Curry-Lindahl from Bussels has been hanging out at Hip-notics cable park in Turkey gfor the pass week. We got found this video in our inbox this morning and couldn’t think of a better way to start the week.

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Name: Ian Curry-Lindahl
Date of birth: 29/07/1988
Nationality: Belgian
Hometown: Brussels
Profession: Graphic designer
Homespot: The spin cable park
Sponsor: Dirty Habits, BROY
Riding since: 2009
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite band: Radiohead
Favorite movie: Seven / Lucky number slevin / …
Best trick: toe FS 720 / S-blind
Favorite trick: indy glide
Favorite spot: Cape Town South Africa / the spin
Most inspiring rider: Dane reynold / Aaron Hadlow / every good snowboarder on a rail!
Hobbies: Kitesurfing / wakeboarding / football / ice hockey / snowboarding

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Photo: STVii Photography


Antalya 2013 from ian Curry-Lindahl on Vimeo.


STVii Photography

Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw & Jimmy La Riche in Africa

The Past couple a days have been a mind shocker. StokeCity WakePark just through a massive wakeboarding event; Ticket2Ride

Liquid Force South Africa & Hyperlite South Africa brought out 3 of the worlds most legit wakeboarders to ride the comp and Stoke City Cable Park.

Photos: Bianca Asher Photography

Words & some pics: Dirty Habits Boardriders Magazine


Kevin Henshaw. Photo: Bianca Asher

Kevin Henshaw. Photo: Bianca Asher


While the boys from Orlando where here, they came to visit Dirty Habits and The Cape Town Liquid force/ Hyperlite team. I somehow don’t think they knew what they were in for when the booked their tickets.

What was meant to be a week of sipping cocktails on Table Mountain turned into a week of Great white shark diving, penguin chasing, lion hugging , car ramping, firework banging and table smashing shenanigans. It all went surprising smooth, considering these boys were under the same roof for a week. Well… apart from Kevin setting Jimmy’s face and hair alight in the bar with an toilet aerosol can. Not to forget Watson getting the Dirty Habits truck stuck on an traffic island and us having to dig it out for 45mins at 4am. Luckily for Kevin, he escaped with 4 boxes a pizza hot and left us to deal with the cops.


Shawn Watson, Craig Egynburger & Graham Howes were responsible for this grand finale.

Shawn Watson, Craig Egyenburger & Graham Howes were responsible for this grand finale. thank to Liquid Force CT


The fact that we were all sleep deprived and the guys probably accumulated 19 hours of sleep over 6 days didn’t help much. Luckely for Jarrod from LF who dropped 4k on professional fireworks for our private beach display, helped Craig Egyenburger and myself keep their eyes  wide open for another night. Totally epic week though and what a bunch of legends. Looking forward to their next trip to Africa to finish up the Cape Town bucket list.


Jimmy La Riche.  Photo: Bianca Asher

Jimmy La Riche. Photo: Bianca Asher


Jimmy La Riche filming Kevin Henshaw Photo: Bianca Asher

Jimmy La Riche filming Kevin Henshaw Photo: Bianca Asher


Shawn Watson session after shark diving

Shawn Watson session after shark diving


Shawn Watson  photo: Bianca Asher

Shawn Watson photo: Bianca Asher


Liquid force Cape Town put on a huge display for the boys. Photo: Bianca Asher

Shawn Watson and the LF & Dirty Habits crew lit up the sky. Thanks to Liquid Force. Photo: Bianca Asher


Instagram: @shawnmwatson

Instagram: @shawnmwatson



About to hop in the water with some big ass Great White Sharks



Craig Egyenburger filming Jimmy. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Craig Egyenburger filming Jimmy. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Kevin warming up. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

Kevin warming up. Photo: Niel Engelbrecht

wakeboard magazine


Dirty Habits showing the boys some ocean wild life

Dirty Habits showing the boys some ocean wild life


Jimmy La Riche

Jimmy La Riche


Kevin Henshaw Instagram: @kevinhenshaw

Shawn Watson instagram: @shawnmwatson

Jim La Riche instagram:  @jim_shot_it

Liquid Force South Africa
Hyperlite South Africa
StokeCity WakePark
Monter energy


Bianca Asher Photography

  Liquid Force / Dirty Habits

Dirty Habits and the crew will be releasing a movie of the boys trip to Africa, so follow us to stay tuned for more action:

Instagram: @dirtyhabitsmag

Facebook: Dirty Habits Boardriders Magazine

Get in touch with us if you planning a trip to Cape Town. Never a dull moment with Dirty Habits


Dylan Mitchell Profile

Nationality:  South African yeeeeew!
Age: 20
Home Town: Cape Town
Started ridng: 13
Gear: CWB DB9 with CWB Answer Bindings
Top Places to Ride: Misverstand Dam, Xtreme Gene in Spain
Favourite Moves: Pulp Fiction, Get him to the Greek, Pointless Incomplete
Favourite RiderJosh Twelker shredds it up!
Riding Tips: Have fun and make sure you keep having fun, and don’t be afraid to try something new if you think it will be fun. (the worst thing that could happen is a good old front or back edge ;))
Other Dirty habits: haha
Sponsors: Fox Clothing, Monster Energy, CWB Wakeboards
Website: dylanmitchell.tumblr.com (although I haven’t given it proper attention in a while)
Facebook: Dylan James Mitchell
Twitter: Dylanmitchell_
Instagram: Dylmtchell_

dylan mitchell

Dylan Mitchell

Dirty Habits: You spent most of last year traveling, competing and riding with the best wakeboarders in the world. Tell us about that and what it meant to you.

Dylan Mitchell: it was awesome, after finishing my Matric in 2011 my parents gave me the opportunity to take a Gap year to pursue Wakeboarding overseas, With the Support of my sponsors and friends I had made over the years overseas I was able to go traveling for almost the entire year. I started off the year at Shaun Faccio’s place in Johannesburg at the Vaal river where we got some serious shred time in behind his Tige to get fit for the season overseas. After that I headed across the pond to Orlando Florida, where I got to live with SA’s legend Dieter Humpsch and his fiancé for two months. It was awesome to stay with Dieter because I have always looked up to him as a rider and to get to ride with him every day was way to sick. After America I headed back across the pond to Europe where I spent the rest of my Gap year taking part in competitions and riding as much as I could. I started off in Germany and then went to go stay with the Kroon family in Holland for a bit, which was awesome. After that it was off to the UK for Wakestock and some more shredding, there I stayed with Charlotte Bryant and her family, which was awesome. Then I went to Spain to Train and coach at the most amazing place for riding in Europe, Xtreme Gene. I stayed there for 4 months, Got to meet and ride with lot of great people, and got to travel to quite a few events like the Europeans in the Ukraine and Chill and Ride in Germany. It was one of the sickest years of my life because I got to see so much and ride nearly every day and I am so thankful to everyone that was a part of it and allowed it to happen.

ugen photograpahy

Ugen Photography

Dirty Habits: If anyone ever met you, they’d know that you are always full of monkey business and don’t take anything to seriously. How did you get so good with such a relaxed attitude? you don’t seem to have a competitive bone in your body?

Dylan: Haha! I don’t really know how to answer this, but I guess I started wakeboarding and got so addicted to it because it was fun and for me wakeboarding has always been about the fun aspect. Competitions aren’t the funnest things, but the best part about them is being able to see all your buddies and have a laugh with them, in my eyes the competition just gets everyone in one place to have a good time with one another. The competing part is short, so you just have to get it over with quickly and hope you ride well.

Dirty Habits: We see a lot less boat riding going on and a lot more cable parks and 2.0 systems opening, there over over 150 in the world more than 60 in Germany alone. How does that effect the future of boat riding and wake boarding in general.

Dylan: This is so true, Germany is crazy about their cable parks and I guess that’s why you get to see so much talent busting through into the cable scene from their country. When I got there and I wanted to go ride a cable I went onto google maps to find the closest one and there were three parks within 30 minutes drive of where I was staying.. haha it was nuts! I think Cable Wakeboarding is great and even though I don’t consider myself a cable rider, I have just as much fun behind a cable with nice obstacles than I do behind the boat. I think the sport is growing so quickly and Cable has become just another discipline in it. Just like Superpipe and Park disciplines in snowboarding. I don’t think it’ll have much of an effect on boat riding, but more on the riders, pushing them to become more dynamic and push themselves in both disciplines equally.

dylan mitchell wakeboarder

Ugen Photography


Dirty Habits: How does that change things for someone like you (one of the best boat riders in the country)?

Dylan: It doesn’t change much for me, I have so much fun doing both although my cable riding still needs quite a lot of work

Dirty Habits: Why is South Africa so far behind with only 3 parks. and a hand full of good riders?

Dylan: I think the sport is still quite small and young in South Africa compared to the rest of the world, but hopefully that will change in the near future, Setting up full sized cable parks isn’t the cheapest thing either, so I think we’re going to have to wait it out and see, but I have been entering the lottery quite a bit lately . We also have quite a few grommies tearing their way through the ranks now especially on the cable side, so I’m sure that handful will become bucket loads soon!

Photo: Eugene Van der Elst

Photo: Eugene Van der Elst

Dirty Habits: If you could change anything about SA Wake boarding what would it be?

Dylan: maybe get some more grassroot competitions going to get more lighties involved, I think a lot of people are intimidated by entering the South African “pro tour” but in actual fact we all can’t wait to see more people in the sport whether your just slashing the wake and learning your first few ollies or busting massive tantrums, it’s all the same to us. So come be part of the fun!

Extreme wakeboarding - Dylan during a heat at the nationals, wind was gusting of 40 knot

Extreme wakeboarding – Dylan riding in the finals at the nationals, wind was gusting over 40 knots

Dirty Habits: Unfortunately you are going to be preoccupied with you engineering degree now. and the last of the event you were rushing from home between study breaks to throw down some sick runs, then racing off back to the books. and didn’t even make to it prize giving to collect your silverware. how do you see your career changing during your studies..

Dylan: It is very hard and this year has put quite a lot of strain on me so far in terms of balancing work and play. Especially when Shaun Faccio and myself headed over to the world cup in Australia earlier this year a week before my test week (it was not so fun when I got back), but if you graft hard enough during the week, you’ll always have the weekend to take part in a dirty habit and let’s not forget about those nice long University holidays!

Dyl Taking Gold at Ultimate X

Dyl Taking Gold at Ultimate X

Dirty Habits: Tell us about Varsity Wakeboarding… is it growing? do you think you could have a good impact on the students being such a big name in the sport. maybe even competing in the inter-varsity comps.

Dylan: We had the first inter-varsity Comp about a month ago and it was sick! Unfortunately I couldn’t ride because of a knee injury, but I got to judge and it was awesome to see the guys shred it up. Wakeboarding clubs are being set up at a bunch of universities now, but it’s still really young as well, so I’m sure we’ll see the guys ripping it up just like on the pro tour in the next few years which I am excited for.

Dylan Mitchell 2013 Profile Movie  Roberto Colombo on Vimeo.

Fox Head South Africa
Monster Energy
CWB Board Co.

Follow Dylan of Facebook: Dylan James Mitchell

Thanks to Eugene Van Der Elst for the use of his photos:

Facebook: Ugen Photography

Instagram: @Ugenphotography



Dylan Mitchell Wakeskate Session

GoPro Testing – quick wakeskate sesh. from Dylan Mitchell on Vimeo.

Dylan Mitchell Just Picked up his new Gopro, so he did what anyone would do, strapped it to his head and shredded that shit out on his wakeskate!

Nice one Dylan!

Look forward to some wakeboarding footage with your new toy!