Voting In The West Coast

So Wednesday the 18th Arrives: Time to Vote, time to make a Difference, Time For Change! Well We got that out the way in 10 minutes at our local registrar. Packed the boards and headed up the West Coast, On the Road by 7.30 we beat the Crows at the voting polls, but weren’t so lucky when we rocked up and saw the line up! We had surfed this spot every day all day for the last week without a sole in the water! But this day was firing 3-4ft, solid barrels all around! See for yourself!
Photo’s By John Wilkinson

Hjalmar Larsen

Hjalmar Larsen

Dirty Haits Surfing

West Coast

Craig Munday

West coast Barrels

Gigs Celliers


Halmar Larsen

To See more Pics From this day check out John Wilkinsons Album on Picasa
Or Check out His Website


Hjalmar Larsen

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    • Arnim

      You left out the pics of Gavin Rudolph tearing it up pig dog style! Cooking Yzers bru!


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